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Tighter on-foot controls, and more checkpoints

While some people didn't like the semi-realistic driving of GTA 4, we thought they struck a good balance between being demanding and rewarding - a slight shift towards a more arcade style handling model wouldn't be bad though. The out-of-car handling, on the other hand, could clearly do with tweaking.

In all fairness to the developers, Red Dead Redemption was a marked improvement when it came to the nuts and bolts of combat - especially in terms of the cover system. If Rockstar carries over what it has learned from last year's game, there shouldn't be too much to worry about. While we're on the subject, LA Noire employed a pleasingly economic setup for its on-foot chase sequences, borrowing a few touches from Assassin's Creed's free-running controls. A revamped variation of this could help GTA 5's antihero to be a bit more nimble than Niko Bellic, who occasionally struggled at gangster athletics.

With regards to checkpoints... well, what more is there to say? GTA 4 simply slipped up in this regard, dumping you way back at the start of a mission and robbing you of your guns and armour. This was a particularly annoying issue on longer excursions, like the bank robbery and getaway in Four Leaf Clover. Thankfully, this problem was more or less dealt with in the DLC expansions - The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony - so hopefully we'll get them from the start next time.

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User Comments

Salman's Avatar

Salman@ xenospider

I definatley have to agree with you. Here is a link for video game lovers
Posted 02:34 on 26 October 2011
xenospider's Avatar


that sounds so frecking awesome :D i just hope that the are more missions and alot more vehicles and more wepons and it would be good if they set it in/ around europe or london
Posted 17:24 on 25 October 2011
SexyJams's Avatar


Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Completely agree with each of your points.

I'm looking forward to seeing the GTA V trailer on 2nd November quite a lot. Rockstar do great advertising.
Posted 15:57 on 25 October 2011
MrGloomy's Avatar


I think Saints Row: The third seems to be going in the direction I'd like to see GTA go...not so much as direction, but bat-sh*t crazy.

I'd personally like it go ever-so-slightly sci-fi. Nothing crazy but something that predicts society and technology in the next 10-20 years. How will cars be by then, mobile phones, social networking, I think there could be quite a few parody gems to be had and it would allow Rockstar to demonstrate a grounded sense of imagination.

Bugger it, I want spaceships, aliens and city-wide chaos. I wonder if District 9 would work as a GTA styled game? Living with and around 'Prawns', do odd jobs and quests for or against the 'Prawns'...sorry, my mind is wondering ;)
Posted 15:37 on 25 October 2011
altaranga's Avatar


I like your style jtorry.
Posted 13:14 on 25 October 2011
Wido's Avatar


Revelant to this I suppose.

Finished GTA IV yesterday, and I really do hope R* doesn't have the following and slight adjustments:

- No Mobile Phone
- Make the 'calling a taxi' more responsive
- Less responsive of the Police. When no Police are around, you still get cops after you, even without eye witnesses! I hope eye witnesses become a good part of the next game, as it would add to the game.

- More side mission variety
- Adpot a health regen feature, so it cuts out the many stops to 'Cluckin Bell'
Posted 15:35 on 17 July 2011
munkee's Avatar

munkee@ 87Sarah

Thats a very good point. It would actually be really interesting to play as a girl. I'd be down with that.
Posted 22:14 on 13 July 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


Guyderman made very good points about the little glitches in the game. I've noticed it's pretty poor myself too.

All I want is the option to play as a girl pleaaaaaase! *bats eyelashes*
Posted 12:35 on 13 July 2011
scaz2244's Avatar


missing a crucial thing what makes gta that much better than the rest and thats the soundtrack gta 4s soundtrack wasnt too bad but had nothing on vice citys soundtrack and sanandreas
Posted 11:50 on 13 July 2011
player_222's Avatar


2.better graphics
3.more shot wounds and blood
4.diffrent guns could grab someone and make him/her your shield
6.bigger world/city
i need those please :)
Posted 10:24 on 13 July 2011
Chaza_snake's Avatar


planes need to be back in, and alot more options to customise yourself
Posted 10:00 on 13 July 2011
kiwi_kronic's Avatar


Definately more side missions, also the drug running idea is great. Scarface on the ps2 was an awesome game for this and if they could incorporate something like that it would be awesome
Posted 05:15 on 13 July 2011
Wido's Avatar


I actually liked the driving in GTA IV, once you get use to it. I do hope they improve on that by not making it as too realistic, but getting chased in a taxi with your car battered. I love the physics in that.

I second what Lee said, but not shoving it up your arse. More like blast the fecking thing into orbit! TRY RINGING ME NOW LITTLE JACOB & ROMAN!

Have more variety in side missions and real time events. RDR was perfect in that department.
Posted 23:43 on 12 July 2011
Batmamerc's Avatar


I cant stop ahhhhh,
More safehouses and let me decorate them sim style with my own choice of furniture.
NO Kinect or Move support at all.
Posted 19:22 on 12 July 2011
Batmamerc's Avatar


More gore like Manhunt but with option to not have it like CoD MW2 Airport level.
Ok I'll be quiet now.
Posted 19:20 on 12 July 2011

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