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Update: GTA V has been officially announced by Rockstar, with a trailer set to debut on November 2. Earlier in the year we thought about what we want to see in the game. Will our wishes come true?

It's been a little over three years since the release of Grand Theft Auto 4, and with an official announcement for the next game rumoured for this summer, it surely won't be long before hard details surface. Here are our thoughts on what we want from the new game.

A new kind of playground

"We'll think of a city first, then the characters," said Rockstar vice president Sam Houser, speaking during a rare interview with the Times, back in 2009. Wherever a GTA game happens to be set, the city itself always feels like a principal character. This being the case, where do we want GTA 5 to unfold?

For us, the simple answer is "a new flavour of open world". Initial rumours, spurred on by imagery in the manual to Episodes from Liberty City, suggested that the next Grand Theft Auto might take us to Europe. At the time that was a hugely exciting proposition, but more recent evidence points towards a return to Los Angeles. It seems strange to think that Rockstar would go back to the city so soon after LA Noire, but bear in mind that it takes a while to make these games, and Team Bondi was originally due to finish its work in 2008. In any case, that casting call story looks pretty solid.

As it goes, a return to San Andreas would probably be welcomed by a lot of gamers, as it's clearly the most popular of the last-gen trilogy. Besides, there's an argument that GTA might suffer in a non-US setting, since satirical jabs at US culture have long been the backbone of the game's tone. Is there really enough to take the piss out of in Europe? Perhaps for other Europeans there is, but what this game needs is jokes that translate worldwide. Even if you've never been to the States, you're likely to be familiar with the people and things lampooned by GTA 4 - and that's why the satire works so well.

Regardless of where the game is ultimately set, what we want is something new in terms of the sandbox experience. GTA 3 set the model for 3D entries in the series, Vice City added empire building and a better story, and San Andreas... well, it went a bit mental with all the things you could do.

Rockstar doesn't have to reinvent the wheel with GTA 5, but it needs something to make it stand out as a subtly different experience to its predecessors. Ezio's villa and the restoration of Rome allowed the last two Assassin's Creeds to build a direct link between player input and the world you inhabit. Could GTA 5 do something similar?

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Batmamerc's Avatar


Oh and please have Lazlo and more music variety.
Ill stop now sorry i really could go on for pages.
Posted 19:18 on 12 July 2011
Batmamerc's Avatar


As usual you hit the nail on its shiny little head. Every gamer is different though. I personally dont want co-op for instance, the day i bought GTA 4 i made sure i was home alone, my phone went off and internet disconnected because i wanted to experience it all by myself and take it alll in hearing all the dialogue. I dont want uncle nob head shooting me and driving off all the time mid mission and mainly talkin all the time. But i love multiplayer and GTA 4 had multiplayer and one of my fav things of the game was its online free roam where if uncle nob head wanted to shoot you and drive off he could then you could have an air battle with two helicopter gunships over central park for an hour if you so desired (and i did, a lot). I dont mind co-op been there as long as i dont miss any game play by choosing not to do it think it should be kept seperate to the story mode, put it in mate or date by all means. One thing i love about open world games is the first hour everything is new untill u start to know your way round but after a while youve seen it all up to the end of the game, but San Andreas gave that experience 5 times with each of its locations, massive areas were unlocked after a significant amount of time in a good way that made each area feel like the first day you picked the game upnot just opening a bridge, i loved burning down a field of weed in the farm lands and then driving down the backroads while stoned into the now unlocked san francisco themed area. I always remember it because you came over the brow of the hill and could see the golden gate bridge in the distance and it made me go WOW. Loved the body system in SA as well where if you ate to much you would get fat and had to work out for muscle and the variety of clothes and car pimping up as well. Finally though GTA 5 still needs some sense of stupidity like its main rival Saints Row (which will never be better, FACT) im not saying it needs mini games like get a waste lorry and spray it over the city and get most points but it needs more mini games. The police computer in cop cars was good in GTA 4 and if they can do more with the in game internet in TW@ cafes than just stuff to read, let me order something silly they could use it to sell daft merchandise, dont know how babys over night would work though lol.
Posted 19:16 on 12 July 2011
munkee's Avatar


Also, about time we had another Manhunt game isn't it?
Posted 18:24 on 12 July 2011
munkee's Avatar


Personally, I don't want co-op in my Grand Theft Auto experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my Rockstar Games experiences on my own [Except for The Warriors, which was better with a friend]. I like exploring the city, taking the missions and killing pedestrians at my own pace. I realise that co-op would be optional. It's just that I'm not interested in it.

I'm all for another San Andreas. In fact, I trust Rockstar to choose any location they please, because they know how to make an interesting environment. BUT, I did not enjoy the strict grid based road system of GTA 4. I found it too restrictive having been in high speed, blues brothers-style, pursuits around the San Andreas highways. GTA4 couldn't match the thrill of ripping from one city to another, though forests, mountains, deserts and hick towns.

The ambient challenges from Red Dead Redemption are a must. I play games to get immersed in a tale and become the character. I am neither a completionist, nor a trophy/achievement whore. But, the RDR ambient challenges were compelling. They felt like part of the world and part of my life in it. Red Dead is the only game this generation that I felt I have completed 100%. If they can incorporate this feeling of involvement that compels me to accomplish EVERYTHING with GTA5, then they have, in my mind, made a very special game.

Rockstar make these special videogame places that make me wait in the environment just to watch the sun go down. Or, to aimlessly wander the streets just to see whats going down. While I'm thinking about this, a feature of many videogames that I find essential is the ability to gently push the analogue stick and walk rather than run. If I cant do this in a game, then i never feel like I'm the character. Rockstar Games make me want to strut through the game environments, not run, not jog, but really get my swagger on [often with a shotgun in my hand].

Oh, and lastly, GTA4 didn't have enough items of clothing. I never felt like I could customize Nico enough. More variety, please. I spent most of my life in Liberty City trying on clothes that I didn't like. I pretty much lived in a suit and white sneakers.

^This is what happens when you get me talking about Rockstar Games. I think I'm a fanboy. I could easily chuck in another few paragraphs :P
Posted 18:21 on 12 July 2011
MrHEWBO's Avatar


GTA Croydon.... that is all
Posted 16:38 on 12 July 2011
guyderman's Avatar


Better mechanics - at times the R* games feel like jack of all trades, master of none. Please don't take this as me slgging them off, because it's not - I loved GTA and I loved RDR, (not so much LA Noire), and as good as they are and as impressive the scale and attempt to achieve so much within one game is - I can't help but feel that at times the games are let down by some poor mechanics. Times when driving doesn't feel right, where a motorbike will at one point roll up a curb and then next time bounce of the very same curb. Walking up a flight of stairs can be a struggle. Your horse will get caught in a tree and not turn around, flying a helicopter and bouncing of things, targetting and changing weapons just not feeling quite right - little things like this that just make your teeth grind and just take that little bit away from what is a bloody good and ambitious game.
I could list all day long what cities, weapons, clothes, actors, songs, cars etc etc I would like to see in the next game but the truth is that I am pretty sure that R* will not fail to impress and suprise me - all I want is these little annoyances dealt with so that the experience is nigh on perfect!
Posted 16:26 on 12 July 2011
CheekyLee's Avatar


One request, and one request only.

Posted 16:13 on 12 July 2011
MJTH's Avatar


A Wii-U version would be nice, it'll be GTA's first apperance on a nintendo home console for sure, but there is nothing stopping them this time round, and I'd certainly buy a wii-u to play the game, let alone the game itself!
Posted 15:59 on 12 July 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


I'd be happy with a San Andreas setting but I think Japan could actually be incredibly interesting especially as someone who's never been there. Very much doub't we'll see that but perhaps one day.
Posted 15:35 on 12 July 2011

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