Gran Turismo 6 screenshot
Gran Turismo 6 screenshot

A demo of Gran Turismo 6 will be released on PlayStation Network on July 2 at 9am BST, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced.

The demo is structured as a GT Academy-style driver training concept where players progressively learn the skills required to push for faster lap times.

The demo features the Silverstone circuit, new to Gran Turismo 6. Once you have proved your skills in the early round you'll unlock special bonus content.

The launch of the demo also marks the start of the 2013 GT Academy competition, that could open the door to a real life racing career with Nissan. GT Academy remains open until Sunday, July 28, whilst the demo itself will remain available until August 31.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

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The main problem I've had with GT5 is that it lacks the 'fun' that many racing games have included... I've been a long term fan of the GT series, but have always felt that GT5 has been a bit of a let-down. Either it promised too many things that they could not deliver, or they listened to the 'average' demographic instead of sticking to their own game strategy and feel I don't know. Either way, there are a few features I wish they'd fix for GT6, and on this basis depends on whether I purchase it or not:

1. The AI, was for all its 'intelligence' a bit dull, the main career event I enjoyed was the Lupo Cup, other than that, it felt kind of like a grind, and I felt myself improving my cars so much that they'd just win outright, to get it over and done with, rather than have a close race...

2. The Used Car Dealership. The main problem in GT5 was the lack of used cars.. I used to have fun games with friends and housemates, where we'd set a budget Top gear style of say 100k credits, and would have to buy the best used car and then race in 2 player with those cars. We'd of course limit the selection, by saying things like " No Skylines, or Supras..." but we'd have great fun! In GT5, there is usually a selection of like 20 cars compared to the old games which I swear had over 100.

3. Speed! I feel at some times, I'm going 90mph, which I know in real life, feels quite damn fast (I drive a Fiat Panda 100hp, so nothing special I admit), but in game, I'm going 70-90mph round a corner and I feel as though I've stopped... Unfortunately games like Grid 1 (haven’t played 2) feel so much faster and more exhilarating. I agree they're not realistic in any shape and I dislike them for having a steering mechanism that feels like the wheels are at the centre of the car, and they drift wayyy too easily, but it's just the speed sensation you don't get with GT5.. You could be going 200mph before you know that you're moving at all...

4. Menus... There's too many of them, and they take 5 minutes to load. Just not good. But I hear they've streamlined that, so there's hope!

Again, my opinion of GT5 is my own, I just hope those are the main areas it improves upon, and the demo is the best place to find out if they have! So Kudos to them for releasing a free pre-release demo!!
Posted 22:55 on 25 June 2013


Sooo, instead of making a dedicated Prologue release, they are launching the same kind of concept as a free demo?

To quote General Pepper when Team Starfox decide to "Attack the enemy base":

Great idea, Fox!

After the completely over the top hype and drawn out development affair of GT5, they seem to be really knuckling down on this one.
If it creates a save file that contributes to the full game, ala the Prologue versions, than that is really excellent.
Posted 22:28 on 25 June 2013


Nice, though I can't get over how fast this has gone from initial announcement to release. Gran Turismo games are supposed to be released more like 3 years after the announcement, and that's if you're lucky. I think the world might implode.
Posted 22:01 on 25 June 2013

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