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The recently released God of War III demo might be the very same portion of the game we've seen numerous times since E3 2009, but it's such a big release we've been playing through the demo over and over again. It's a brief teaser, but Sony Santa Monica Studio has still managed to pack in loads of cool, gruesome and stunning moments. We've put together video clips of the top 5 for your viewing pleasure.

Cylcops gets eye surgery

Centaur loses its bowels

Helios loses his head

Kratos cares not for the plight of others

Air Greece: The Early Mythological Years

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User Comments

scaz2244's Avatar


amazon says december for the collection but i doubt it will come out when us get it which duno y tho looks amazing
Posted 23:06 on 04 November 2009
Rickitis's Avatar

Rickitis@ TomO

Cheers Tom :)
Posted 15:08 on 04 November 2009
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ pblive

Or all of the above. Hehehe God Of War 3 sponsored by Uncharted 2 xD
Posted 15:01 on 04 November 2009
pblive's Avatar


Forget Uncharted 2, this is the game that should have been sponsored by Red Bull.

Or maybe Stella.

Or Meths.
Posted 14:58 on 04 November 2009
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Click for Image
Posted 14:54 on 04 November 2009
TomO's Avatar


Rickitis: No release date for Europe yet - presumably next year.
Posted 14:51 on 04 November 2009
Wido's Avatar


Now thats what I call a sticky ending!
Posted 14:47 on 04 November 2009
Rickitis's Avatar


Looks awesome! Do any of the VG staff know if GOW 1&2 PS3 edition is coming out in the UK? Its on American websites but doesnt appear on or Amazon.
Posted 14:46 on 04 November 2009
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


Fecking AWESOME!
Posted 14:42 on 04 November 2009

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