God of War Collection: Volume II

God of War Collection: Volume II Review for PS3

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Enjoy the highly acclaimed God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, remastered in razor-sharp High Definition for PS3.

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God of War Collection: Volume II screenshot
God of War Collection: Volume II screenshot

Combat is more diverse thanks to a range of new abilities and magic attacks, while the game's graphics are up there with the best the PS2 ever managed. In fact, there's an argument that Ghost of Sparta betters the exquisite God of War 2 at certain points - although certainly not overall. Ghost of Sparta is a bigger game than its PSP predecessor too, offering about three hours more play time and larger, more epic locations. Overall Ghost of Sparta is by far the better of the two PSP titles.

Compared to most PS3 titles the two games look a little lacking in terms of gloss and effects, but it's testament to the art design that both still manage to be visually appealing. Modern titles on the PS3 certainly offer more complex environments and higher polygon characters, but the clean lines of the architecture on offer here and the excellent use of Greek mythology combine to make something that's far more impressive than it really has any right to be. Even the game's cinematics have been re-rendered in HD, showing how much effort the team has put into the remastering.

Equally as important as the updated HD visuals is the introduction of rolling on the second analogue stick. In the PSP originals, rolling using the aforementioned button combination worked but was a bit awkward, so being able to quickly flick the right stick makes a big difference. If you really want the authentic PSP experience you can play with the old control scheme, but if you've played any of the three home console God of War games you'll want to use the new setup.

The only real downside of this package is the relevance of the two games within the God of War universe. To put it bluntly, neither is essential. They add some details that fans will appreciate, but they could be missed entirely - sort of like how Channel 4 makes late-night episodes of Hollyoaks, ones that add new storylines without alienating the younger viewers that only watch the early evening show.

God of War Collection Volume 2 isn't as impressive as the original HD pack due to not including the modern classic that is God of War 2, but these two PSP games still stand up well on the PS3. The HD remastering has been handled extremely well, and thanks to the improved controls these are the definitive versions of Kratos' smaller outings.

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User Comments

guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ Clockpunk

I hope so - interested in the MGS set as I've never been able to get into the series properly, but have always wanted to. Heard nothing but good stuff about Peace Walker - fingers crossed!
Posted 15:26 on 23 September 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


Here's hoping the HD-ication of MGS: Peace Walker will be equally well handled! :D
Posted 11:56 on 23 September 2011
guyderman's Avatar


I've just finished this collection and I was really impressed - Ghost of Sparta was especially good!
Posted 11:07 on 23 September 2011
Wido's Avatar


Not played these God Of War games, so I will be picking these up for my PS3. I'll be playing the waiting game of course, as games nowadays tend to drop quite quick.
Posted 22:35 on 22 September 2011
reynoldio's Avatar


I'll certainly grab this if I see it for £15-20 somewhere as I don't have the PSP versions but love the others - which I've only ever played on PS3. Cheers Tom!
Posted 21:33 on 22 September 2011


Great review Tom.

It's amazing that they can actually make the old PSP games look so good in HD, but as I have them already on PSP I think I'll skip this addition to the HD collections.
Posted 10:55 on 21 September 2011

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God of War Collection: Volume II
Out of 10
God of War Collection: Volume II
  • Looks great considering PSP origins
  • Improved controls on PS3
  • Neither game is especially long
  • Lacks the wow-factor of God of War 3
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