Formula One Championship Edition for PS3

Formula One Championship Edition

Sony's F1 series is headed to the PlayStation 3. Score:


Our Verdict: Formula One Championship Edition may well fall behind big hitters Resistance and MotorStorm in terms of launch hype, but it's well worth the attention of all motorsport fans.

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Formula One Championship Edition Review in Article Comments

's Avatar

Not got this game lloking at purchasing 2nd Hand, With codemasters at the helm only greatness can be expected. EA fooked up all the other F1 offerings and I purchased f1 career challenge for ps2...

by Dean

Formula One Championship Edition Interview in Article Comments

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when is the new f1 09 coming out ps up the wolves

by wolves fan al

UK Video Game Chart: PS3 titles dominate in Article Comments

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i am looking for cricket games on ps3 plz i get this my E mail is .

by Bhupinder gill

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