Fable II Knothole Island screenshot
Fable II Knothole Island screenshot

Tom Orry, Editor - Fable II Knothole Island DLC, Xbox 360
After not touching Fable II for over a month I was really looking forward to heading back into Albion to try out the new DLC. There's no doubt that I enjoyed my time back in the game world, exploring with my canine companion DogMintonJermain, but the new quests found on Knothole Island didn't thrill me as much as I'd have liked. You could probably get a good five hours out of the new content if you try to get all the items in the Box of Secrets store, but for me it just felt a bit tacked on. Taken as just another area to explore as part of the main game it's perfectly fine, but as an addition to the main game it adds nothing to the story and as such can't be seen as an essential purchase for Fable II fans.

Killzone 2 screenshot

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Killzone 2, PS3
I've played it, I've finished it, I've conquered it. Killzone 2 has been well and truly beaten by yours truly, but it was by no means easy. The Helghast put up one hell of a fight, and that's because they're smart. Real smart. They use cover as well as you do. They absorb bullets just like you do. They work as a team, poking out of cover rather than jumping out like mindless zombies. They flank when they can, retreat when they have to and refuse to expose themselves unless absolutely necessary. In short, they're damn hard to kill, but I'm treading on broken glass here. There are strict restrictions in place on what I can and cannot tell you. If I say too much, Sony M.I.Bs might storm into the office, even as my trembling fingers are typing this very sentence, bundle me into an unmarked van and teach me a lesson in manners. Shhh. Did you hear that... That sounded like... HRMPH!.....

Football Manager Live screenshot

James Orry, News Editor - Football Manager Live, PC
I've become obsessed with scouring the FM Live database for newly created youngsters in the hope of signing the next global superstar. You see, in FM Live when a player retires from the game world a new youth player is created and can then be signed and trained up in your youth team before being released into your senior squad several seasons later. Not all new players are worth bidding for though, so you'll need to look out for key attributes and remember that even the best coaching can't transform an ugly duckling into a swan. Find a star though and be prepared to have your in-game inbox filled with transfer offers from lazy rival managers desperate to sign your wonderkid. Be warned though, focus on coaching skills and you're likely to spend a lot of time losing to teams managed by players with far superior tactical skills.

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest screenshot

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Lord of the Rings Conquest, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
I love the Rings trilogy. I find it to be one of the best sets of films to see you through a day wrapped in a blanket, suffereing from a gruelling hangover. So for me, playing as Aragorn in the middle of the battle of Helm's Deep is, more or less, awesome. I found the co-operative mode with Neon to be the most enjoyable, with him generally taking up the role of archer and myself as warrior. The problem that I have in games like this is that I always find myself diving in the middle of the enemy horde, hacking and slashing to make my way through - something that I could only achieve as a flaming sword wielding warrior, spearheading my personal campaign of mass Orc genocide. However, most of my amusement came from watching the suicidal NPC's throwing themselves off cliff edges, and the floating horses in multiplayer - in fact this amused Neon and myself so much we added it to the video review. On top of that, murdering Frodo in the evil campaign is just plain funny.

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User Comments

dudester's Avatar

dudester@ jtorry

Originally Posted by jtorry
St John

Bah escape a beating from me then :(.

All the journos are in that gw.
Posted 04:33 on 21 January 2009
TURBO_RAD's Avatar


Ive been doin the same old...Left 4 Dead...this game could be the only game i need...hope there is gonna b another in the future..and playin Lips every now and then....and Tomb Raider Underworld
Posted 04:23 on 21 January 2009
jtorry's Avatar

jtorry@ dudester

Originally Posted by dudester
Jmaes which gw are you in on FM Live?
St John
Posted 18:29 on 19 January 2009
South_East_Jedi's Avatar


Went a bit old school over the weekend, picked up GRAW & GRAW 2! Also, Knothole Island, GRID with a lil bit of Dead Space chucked in for good measure
Posted 17:20 on 19 January 2009
dudester's Avatar


Jmaes which gw are you in on FM Live?

This week ive actually been playing alot of Tabula Rasa (its free)
FM Live
Posted 16:52 on 19 January 2009
Fuzzynutz's Avatar


This week ive beensteaming throgh resistence 2 on super human im right near the end just got to take the h-bomb to the crimerian ship i really am enjoying this game and its the dogs danglers on line.
Posted 09:12 on 18 January 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar


Okami is starting to grip me. The first 3-4 hours are more work than game, and it needs to get going sooner. However, I just beat the Spider Queen, and the game is now getting interesting. I could maybe even sticj with just that, but I may have to push it aside again as I just noticed Secret of Mana on WiiVC!
Posted 21:33 on 17 January 2009
Wido's Avatar


Wes your one lucky man! So bloody want to play Killzone 2 I'm gathering some writing is in the works?

Been playing Fallout 3 and LOTR: Conquest. Been exploring the wasteland and doing quests while on my travels, also come across some old towns like Andale with a crazy old man. Paradise falls with a group of mercs with slaves and I loved that quest to be fair, being the hero and using the vats with my scoped magnum good times.

LOTR: Conquest has amazed me with orc galore and tonnes of laughter. Singleplayer was a blast and Pandemic have disappointed me with the lack of maps. After the mines moria were is the battle afterwards were Boromir gets killed? That would of been epic to play and defeating the uruk-hai captain.

Still playing through LOTR: Conquest to get the rest of the trophies as it mainly relies on the multiplayer now.
Posted 20:13 on 17 January 2009
Marky-Jean-Luc's Avatar

Marky-Jean-Luc@ Ghost5

Originally Posted by Ghost5
Legend of Zelda Series
Doing another marathon
Up to Majoras Mask atm :D
Sounds like fun!! I still haven't finished Ocarina of time first time!( I have it on the GC as the Wind waker bonus disc.) I have Majora's mask on the Zelda:collectors edition disc.
Posted 17:14 on 17 January 2009
Ghost5's Avatar


Legend of Zelda Series
Doing another marathon
Up to Majoras Mask atm :D
Posted 16:39 on 17 January 2009
Marky-Jean-Luc's Avatar

Marky-Jean-Luc@ xboxlive

Originally Posted by xboxlive
well this week i been playing the same game,
.Call of duty 5 (online)
.Need for Speed undercover
.Left 4 Dead
.Fifa 09

All good games i think and iam enjoying them all.
Not too sure what to make of that, TBH!!
Posted 15:00 on 17 January 2009
xboxlive's Avatar


well this week i been playing the same game,
.Call of duty 5 (online)
.Need for Speed undercover
.Left 4 Dead
.Fifa 09

All good games i think and iam enjoying them all.
Posted 14:54 on 17 January 2009
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Runescape. Ever since my 360 died last week, and it should be back within the next 57 hours and 30 minutes according to UPS.

Runescape, although it's old, as in Java and plays in your browser old, as in click on something to increase a number old, has some neat ideas. If you bother to set your account retrieval Q&As in case you need to retrieve your account an NPC pops up in game to reward you from time to time, the virtual market pushers seem to be practically non-existent - only seen one during my week - I guess that's due to the practically communist workings of the in-game economy.

Other than that the community sucks, griefing is as rampant as the system allows and everyone is horrible to each other, so why this isn't more popular than World of Warcraft beats me.

My PS2 has been giving me dirty looks all week for ignoring it. Might have to buy it some flowers later on to appease it.
Posted 14:37 on 17 January 2009

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