The Wii struggles to compete even when the PS3 and 360 offer pretty mediocre content, so this week it's really got its work cut out. Wolf of the Battlefield is SEGA's home console port of Capcom's classic arcade game. While we think it's aged quite badly, if you fancy some old-school gun-shooting top-down gameplay it'll probably deliver the goods. Winter Games, originally released on the Commodore 64, is only 500 Wii Points but not exactly what we'd call a must buy. If you remember this fondly it's probably worth a look for nostalgia's sake, but little else.

Virtual Console
Wolf of the Battlefield - Mercs (SEGA Mega Drive): 800 Wii Points
Winter Games (Commodore 64): 500 Wii Points

And the winner of this week's DLC Royal Rumble is...

Xbox 360
With The Lost and Damned, the single best piece of DLC we've ever seen, the Xbox 360 is a worthy victor this week. The PS3 and 360 have plenty to offer this week so neither party is likely to be disappointed, but the Wii only manages to offer two fairly uninspiring Virtual Console releases.

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