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It's the week many Xbox 360 owners have been waiting for: the first GTA 4 DLC is out. The Lost and Damned may cost 1600 MS Points, but it'll be the best MS Points you'll have ever spent. The single-player content could last you 15 hours and then you've got multiplayer on top of that. Simply brilliant. The full games available can't really compare, but Grabbed by the Ghoulies is definitely a rather under-rated Xbox game that's worth a look.

There's also a tonne of other add-on content, with the Mirror's Edge time trial pack, the Fantasy Plaza pack for Skate 2, new content for XBLA game The Maw, four legendary cars for Burnout Paradise, and the usual new collection of tracks for Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour and Lips. If you're into changing your avatar's clothes then you might also like to take a look at the free The Lost and Damned clothing, allowing you to get that biker look.

Death Tank: 1200 MS Points
Grabbed by the Ghoulies: 1200 MS Points

Monsters vs. Aliens: Free

GTA 4: The Lost and Damned: 1600 MS Points
Street Fighter IV - Brawler Pack: 320 MS Points
Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Collection: 640 MS Points
Burnout Paradise Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger: 160 MS Points
Burnout Paradise Carson GT Nighthawk: 160 MS Points
Burnout Paradise Hunter Manhattan Spirit: 160 MS Points
Burnout Paradise Jansen 88 Special: 320 MS Points
Burnout Paradise Time Savers Pack: 400 MS Points
Mirror's Edge Pure Time Trials: 800 MS Points
Skate 2 Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza Pack: 400 MS Points
Onechanbara Costume and Character Data Packs: Free to 1600 MS Points
The Maw: Deleted Scene - Brute Force: 100 MS Points
The Lost and Damned Biker Bundle Avatar Clothing: Free

"Swing Life Away" as performed by Rise Against: 160 MS Points
"How To Save A Life" as performed by The Fray: 160 MS Points
"Speed Up" as performed by Funkerman: 160 MS Points

Guitar Hero: World Tour
Wings Track Pack: 400 MS Points
Junior's Farm: 160 MS Points
Hi Hi Hi: 160 MS Points
Jet: 160 MS Points

Rock Band
"Wasted Again" - Turbonegro: 160 MS Points
"Black Sunshine" - White Zombie: 160 MS Points
"More Human Than Human" - White Zombie: 160 MS Points

Jaws of Victory: Halo Wars Vidoc #4: Free

Pictures and Themes
Battlestations Pacific Picture Pack - Air units: 150 MS Points
Battlestations Pacific Theme Pack - The theatre of war: 150 MS Points
GTA 4: The Lost and Damned Play and Win - Picture Pack: Free

Head to page 3 for a look at this week's Wii releases.

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