Medal of Honor: Warfighter screenshot
Medal of Honor: Warfighter screenshot

EA's Medal of Honor: Warfighter sold in excess of 70,000 copies during its opening weekend on sale in the UK, can report based on weekly sales calculations.

EA announced on October 3 that FIFA 13 sold 1.23 million copies during its opening weekend in the UK, and thanks to ChartTrack's figures of weekly sales drops it is possible to calculate approximate sales for each week.

The percentage drops each week were reported to be 72 per cent, 63 per cent, 33 per cent and 17 per cent. This provides the following weekly sales:

Week 1: 1.23 million
Week 2: 344,400
Week 3: 127,428
Week 4: 85,378
Week 5: 70,863

This puts FIFA 13's total sales after five weeks at approximately 1.85 million, and is sure to break the two million milestone this week.

For Medal of Honor: Warfigther, we can only say that the game's opening weekend achieved sales in excess of 70,000 copies – the game charted above FIFA 13. There is no way of telling by how much the game outsold FIFA 13.

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mylesbruce's Avatar

mylesbruce@ Lew3107

Everybody loves and plays FPS.. I think because nothing has been released in a while everybody is looking for something fresh so had no option to purchase MOHW.

MOH Warfighter online is shocking I'm going back to GRFS
Posted 14:04 on 31 October 2012
Joey_Bananas's Avatar


It would be interesting to know how many of these copies are traded in within a fortnight and how many people are playing in a month when Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 are released. Sales figures on release are window dressing for investors and don't particularly give a good idea on how successful the game is going to be in the long run.

There's a "Warfigther" typo in that article as well, by the way.
Posted 13:36 on 31 October 2012
Lew3107's Avatar


It's ridiculous that a game that was shot down in pretty much all of its reviews is still being bought by the masses. It just shows that when people say that the market is owned by shooting games, it isn't an exaggeration.
If a game is reviewed that poorly but still sells a bucket-load of copies, what's the point of the developer trying harder on the next game? They're still guaranteed sales. I hope it doesn't go that way, but there's nothing stopping it from happening.
Posted 10:32 on 31 October 2012

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