FIFA 11 screenshot
FIFA 11 screenshot

FIFA 10 did very well for itself, selling roughly seventy zillion copies and averaging all kinds of critical acclaim. Kicking a virtual football into the back of the net has never been so fun - or lavishly produced, for that matter. Of course, the wheel of time refuses to stop turning, so the team at EA Canada must step up and produce a worthy sequel. Such is the way of things.

But the studio isn't resting on its current run of success: at a recent preview event in EA's Guildford office, line producer David Rutter took the time to show a screenshot detailing the team's bugs and feature tracking software - and just how much work was going into quashing the problems. It's easy to picture Rutter as a perfectionist, obsessing over what the team can do to get perfect 10 review scores instead of being happy with solid 9s.

There's even a graph, so you know he's serious. They've mapped the gameplay experience of FIFA 10 across the X axis, and plopped the quality on the Y: FIFA 10 maintains a steady 9 and occasionally dips into the 8's, but the projected graph for FIFA 11 stays on the same 9 but spikes into the 10s. It's intended as a bit of a joke, but the underlying message is deadly serious: EA wants FIFA 11 to be the best football game of all time.

But what's new? If you're expecting grand theatrics, the feature list may disappoint. Rutter is adamant to focus the majority of the team's efforts on the core fundamentals of the game. The idea, he says, is to "actually spend time understanding the subject matter, understanding the people who play the game, and giving them fresh, new, good stuff that matters ... instead of coming up with inappropriate marketing gimmicks which just look good on the back of the box and are, you know, pointless."

What about the new Personality Plus feature, then? The name sounds like something that would be at home in even the most desperate of the barrel-scraping football franchises. It's a bit of a misnomer, though, and in reality the system is more of a suite of features, a "holistic umbrella of features" according to Rutter, which attributes an extensive set of visual attributes and specific animations to each player. There are now three times as many body shapes and sizes than in FIFA 10, for instance, and the technology has allowed EA Canada to expertly capture John Terry's distinctive gormless expression. Success.

Personality Plus is more than skin deep, though, as it also overhauls the way each player reacts on the pitch. By showing a demonstration of someone taking a shot on target while the system is taken to its extremes, it's easily possible to see how Personality Plus affects player performance: it's easy to score when on maximum, nearly impossible to score when on minimum. Hardly different from what FIFA has done in the past, you might (rightly) think, but the system intends to be nuanced instead of revolutionary.

If you balance Personality Plus' range of attributes out and apply it across an entire team, for instance, you'll find each player looking and controlling ever-so-slightly differently in a way unseen with previous FIFA games.

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looks good, shame they show pics from fifa 10 ! Why do that ? Why not show new pics like pes does, how are we suppose to see what it's gna be like ??
Posted 19:57 on 02 August 2010

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