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Football sim enhanced and updated ready for the 09/10 season.

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The graphics haven't significantly improved, but the sheer number of animations make the game a stunning watch.
The graphics haven't significantly improved, but the sheer number of animations make the game a stunning watch.

The graphics haven't significantly improved, but the sheer number of animations make the game a stunning watch.

While the graphics haven't been given as much attention as other areas, they're still superb. The default in-game camera view provides an astonishingly realistic Sky Sports-esque aesthetic. This has as much to do with the many new animations, the little flicks, tricks and knock-ons that naturally occur as you pass the ball around from certain positions and angles, as it does the fidelity of the graphics. Our office matches threw up some slick moves that stuck in the memory - Anelka dragging back the ball and flicking it behind him to pass was one. Liverpool's Ryan Babel controlling the ball on his chest before flicking it over his own head was another. £80 million winger Cristiano Ronaldo backheeling the ball in mid-air for no other reason than to show off, just as he does in real life, was great. The best though, was Manchester City's Joleon Lescott scissor-kicking the ball into the back of the net from two inches out - as extravagant as it was pointless.

It's interesting, however, that up close, during replays and when the teams walk out onto the pitch before games, for example, FIFA 10 looks positively ugly. The player faces in the preview build we have of PES 2010 are much more realistic than those in FIFA 10. Player torsos are, as they were in FIFA 09, disproportionately large, to the point where some players look like ogres. But, conversely, FIFA 10 is the clear winner when it comes to the in-game view, and, really, that's what matters most.

Off the pitch, EA Canada has implemented a few new features that should go down well with fans. The Manager Mode's been completely overhauled, and is a more authentic experience as a result, although I've never understood the appeal of such modes in FIFA and PES (I'd rather play Football Manager for that). Virtual Pro enables you to create your own player, as before, but this time he can be used across all the modes in the game, and even have your face, if you upload a picture to EA's website. By playing games, even in exhibitions, you're able to level up your pro - a long and tortuous process - with the ultimate goal of becoming an international star. Again, playing as one player rather than controlling the whole team has never been my cup of tea - I've always found it a somewhat boring affair and the camera doesn't sit well with my brain. But fans are sure to lap it up.

Also new is set-piece customisation mode. In the new practice arena you're able to design and record the kind of set pieces commentators always call "straight from the training ground". Despite the fact it's a feature most won't bother with, it's a cool idea that's well executed.

Be in no doubt, Fifa 10 is absolutely brilliant.

Be in no doubt, Fifa 10 is absolutely brilliant.

FIFA 10 isn't perfect by any means. Headed shots aren't quite right. The keepers, while better, still have a tendency to storm out on one on ones, making chipped shots easier than they perhaps should be. The commentary, performed once again by Martin Tyler and Andy Gray, often falls behind play, or seems to bear no relation to what's actually happening on the pitch. And the look of the crowd… well, the less said about that the better. But these small annoyances are mere blips. FIFA 10, overall, is almost too good to criticise.

Since FIFA 10 arrived into the office, it's been in almost constant use. We all love it. It's a simulation in the truest sense, and is sure to solidify FIFA's leading position in the two-horse race with Konami's PES (well, until PES 2010 comes out, anyway). It's no revelation - I suspect most PES fans who are going to turn to the dark side already have done - but the 360 degree dribbling in particular proves the ideas are still flowing at EA Canada. It'll get even harder to improve next year, of course, but for now, what we can say unequivocally is that FIFA 10 is the best FIFA ever created. And, maybe, the best football game ever created.

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da_nik69's Avatar


Yes there are some glitches in fifa 10 but like el-dev said its still well above pes. Pes is still from the playstation 2 era. Its shocking! I fell asleep attempting to play a match in it.

and hangar 18 fifa isnt a soccer sim its a football sim :P
Posted 09:07 on 06 November 2009
johniiiboiii's Avatar


I'll put it short and sweet
fifa 10 is *****!!!
way to many dlitches
and its so stupid how everyone tweaks their tactics
i like 09 way better
even though you can still tweak your tactics there
Posted 01:47 on 06 November 2009
El-Dev's Avatar


It is flawed and full of problems but it is still light years ahead of PES.
Posted 03:53 on 21 October 2009
hangar18's Avatar


...and I wasnt even taking the 50+ bugs into consideration. I wonder if the reviewer has even played FIFA for more than half a game.
Posted 02:03 on 21 October 2009
hangar18's Avatar


FIFA is awful.

How on earth anyone can think its better than PES (with all its flaws) beggers belief. FIFA is not a soccer sim, end of story. The poor ball physics, jerky camera action, unrealistic tackling mechanics and easy exploits (e.g. scoring from the half way line) make FIFA rather inept as a soccer game, and lacking in challenge from the CPU. The dumb AI helps the CPU only to the point where you realise what not to do, and instead learn how to exploit the AI against the CPU. The challenge stops here even on top player mode.

Any review that provides FIFA with a higher rating (or even a high rating) than PES has alterior motives for doing so, or knows little about football.

If FIFA were advertised as a headless chicken soccer caper, captured by a camera man with an advanced form of parkinson's then it might be worthy of 9/10 but as a soccer sim.... pah... dont make me laugh.
Posted 01:56 on 21 October 2009
JamesB's Avatar


I have to agree with El Dev.

I don't play online, but there are serious graphical glitches - framerate stutter on replays being the most obvious. The player likenesses are appalling, especially compared to PES, as is the crowd effect. And Manager Mode has so many things wrong with it I don't know where to start; I played an entire Premership season in which every game was in snow, rain, or grey skies. Depressing! Plus, the 'Board Confidence' is bizarre.

The worst thing is the 'Precision Shot'. This actually forces the opposition keeper to dive out of the way of what is a very slow, straight shot into goal. It looks ridiculous. In fact, the ball physics are all over the place; shots rarely travel faster than passes.

Now traded in. Never, ever again will I bother reading reviews...
Posted 12:32 on 19 October 2009
El-Dev's Avatar


This game is f*cked. Full of flaws and glitches. Someone needs slapped at EA. How can they still not understand the midfield is the most important part of a football match and it is possible not to play with a midfield and be impossible to play against. Ridiculous.

Peter Moore said there was issues with online tactics, to rectify this they remove the ability to change your tactics online, only way to get them is to preset and save them in SP menu. So if people use ridiculous tactics such as playing 6 defenders you can do f*ck all about it while their 4 attackers run riot up against your defenders. Seriously considering trading this in, it's almost unplayable as it is.
Posted 23:13 on 15 October 2009
saint_markperth's Avatar


Just got my version in the post last night (won from amazon) Its very very good - The virtual player option is good, I gave it an 6 hour bash last night in several different modes and would have to say this is the best release so far

There are a few data fixes needed for it but after speaking with the guy from EA Edit this will all be in update 1.

Manager mode seems to have improved vastly from previous version with more options in there.
Posted 09:42 on 30 September 2009
PaulG95's Avatar


Great game. Real Madrid!!
Posted 05:00 on 30 September 2009
Scooter's Avatar


Manchester City are the best!!!
Posted 21:14 on 29 September 2009
bencrosaby's Avatar


Stay away from the Wii version - you will be disappointed. Wii owners should hold out for PES 2010 in November instead.

The game's been given a massive overhaul on the Wii presentation-wise however to keep the game simple EA stripped out alot of stuff to make it easier to play.

It gets to me how EA complain that Fifa on Wii doesn't sell - that's because they've been really poor!
Posted 22:21 on 26 September 2009
El-Dev's Avatar


Good review Wes.

Hope I can get this on Thursday evening and get some games in.

Another reminder for anyone who is interested to sign up for the Fifa league on the forum.
Posted 20:20 on 26 September 2009
danik69's Avatar


Been on pre order for ages! only a few more days too go!
Posted 15:40 on 26 September 2009
Bloodstorm's Avatar


No, i'm not english. I'm from the far north.

Anyway, i'll think i'll wait for PES10 this year.
Posted 15:20 on 26 September 2009
Arshavinator's Avatar

Arshavinator@ Bloodstorm

Yeah are you English? It's an unspoken contract in England, we all know wayne is ugly but no one points it out. It's like heis too ugly to even say he's ugly lol
Posted 15:01 on 26 September 2009

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