Final Fantasy XIV Online Articles for PS3


Square Enix CEO steps down following 'extraordinary' financial loss

Loss blamed on 'slow sales of major console game titles in North America and European markets'.

Publish date Mar 26 2013

Final Fantasy III HD to be an OUYA launch title

A brand new HD version of Final Fantasy III will be an OUYA launch title, the console's makers have revealed.

5 Publish date Jul 31 2012

Final Fantasy XIV to relaunch as 'A Realm Reborn'

Second version of Square's struggling MMO to launch soon.

1 Publish date Jul 26 2012

Final Fantasy XIV patch 1.21 detailed

The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV Online is now available.

Publish date Mar 9 2012

Final Fantasy XIV accepting transfer applications

Worlds are merging in Final Fantasy XIV and if you wish to choose where to be moved then send in your World Transfer Application.

Publish date Mar 2 2012

Final Fantasy XIV server mergers will happen

Despite poor fan feedback, Final Fantasy XIV will merge its servers in anticipation of Version 2.0.

5 Publish date Feb 20 2012

How Final Fantasy XIV plans to win back its audience

We speak to Final Fantasy XIV Online's producer Naoki Yoshida about how he thinks the controversial game will fare this year, plans for the game's subscription model, and what will happen for the MMO on console.

Publish date Feb 14 2012

FFXIV: It's 'essential' to win back former players

After the ups and downs of MMO Final Fantasy XIV Online, producer Naoki Yoshida states it's essential to win back its old userbase.

Publish date Feb 14 2012

Final Fantasy XIV: 'We'll continue to look into F2P'

Final Fantasy XIV may have gone back to its subscription model but alternatives are not off the cards just yet.

1 Publish date Feb 14 2012

Square Enix re-thinks Final Fantasy XIV server merge

After plans to merge servers was announced, fan outcry has caused Square Enix to take a step back.

Publish date Feb 14 2012

Final Fantasy XIV patch 1.21 detailed

Final Fantasy XIV Online producer details what we should expect to see in the next big patch this month.

1 Publish date Feb 1 2012

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