The PS3 got off to a pretty bad start, but these days developers are pumping out better games, whether they're exclusive or multi-platform. In the hope that we're nearing the end sloppy PS3 ports of Xbox 360 games we've put together our Top 10: Worst PS3 Ports. Which games hit the PlayStation 3 in far worse shape than they were in on the Xbox 360? Which ports really shouldn't have made it out of the QA department? Read on to find out.

10. F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. was ported from the PC to the Xbox 360 fairly successfully, but something went very wrong with the PS3 game. Released after the Xbox 360 game, F.E.A.R. on PS3 suffered from a poorer frame rate and appeared to have had Vaseline smeared over the screen. For whatever reason this relatively old PC game didn't run at all well on Sony's latest console, which had a negative impact on the game's action packed gameplay. For a game that's all about carnage, a sluggish frame rate ruined things somewhat.

9. Splinter Cell - Double Agent

While we admit that we might have slightly over-rated Sam Fisher's next-gen debut, it is still an excellent game that tries to do some new things with mixed success. Sadly PS3 gamers didn't get the same great game that Xbox 360 owners were playing months earlier. The PS3 game chugs frequently and seems to be missing much of the subtle lighting that impressed so much last year. What's more, numerous sound effect glitches crop up throughout and cutscenes fail to run smoothly. It all felt rather sloppy and lessened the experience substantially.

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shufuni's Avatar
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this is complaining about bad ports of games that are complete crap anyway, so no one cares about it. nearly all the games in this list were crap from the very beginning, just another xbox obsessor looking for something to get mad at the ps3 about.

i dont mind xbox's and i quite enjoy playing them. until it starts ****ing up. the discs keep skipping and sometimes when i put the bloody disc in it says its not in a 360 console. this always happens on all three of the xbox's ive played on. id like the damn things if these problems were not there.
Posted 17:19 on 05 January 2009
SO WHAT's Avatar
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PS3GOTSTHELASTLAUGH . EHHHHH, BIT OF A SONY LOVER? Everyone just forget about it and play games!!! Sure the price of the consoles now, theres no harm in buying both so everyone is happy. BTW, Iheard MGS4 Was terrible???
Posted 17:28 on 04 October 2008
p0mt3's Avatar
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Personally, I don't seem to have these frame-rate issues and whatnot on my PS3. Hell, The Orange Box is giving me hours of fun, and the slightly longer load times are really not that big a deal unless you're so antzy and impatient that you can't stand to wait an extra second or two.

Look, PS3 is a very complicated system. Developers frankly just don't want to bother to learn how it works when the 360 develops just like last generation. If I were a game designer, I sure as hell wouldn't waste my time on an over-priced, overly-complicated console like the PS3.

But when a developer actually takes the time to learn all of the PS3's capabilities, the proof that it is the best-looking system in theory does show through (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, MGS4, Resistance: Fall of man, Dark Sector, etc.). The problem is just that people don't want to bother with something like the PS3 when there is another equally impressive machine available that takes half the time to develop for.

The sad result of Sony trying to outdo themselves with the PS3 is that we the owners end up getting the lesser of the two consoles not in power, but in content, because the better games seem to always either be on the box exclusively, or first, with half-hearted ports being released ages later. Truly grim, but it's the reality.

I expect to break and buy myself a 360 in the coming months, that way I can no longer worry about what games I can and can't own.
Posted 21:13 on 13 August 2008
gk0871's Avatar
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you have to start looking at the devs i say delay if its not up to par its not that hard ive waited for games before, a little delay has all but made most games better<a few maybe not> anyway
Posted 21:44 on 29 June 2008
Ben Armstrong's Avatar
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Ben Armstrong

they forgot 1 game off that list
HAZE it got so much of a hype but its just a crap version of halo 1
Posted 11:53 on 21 June 2008
ps3gotlastlaugh's Avatar


It sounds to me like you xbox360 fans are in denial about the ps3 takin over the globe...We done outsold 360 in every go head and make your little comments about lag and framerate and whatever the hell else you want....the cold hard facts is that the ps3 is the GO TO CONSOLE and with all the exclusives coming out for it I dont see that changin anytime soon....PS3 baby....have you 360 fans played Metal Gear Solid 4?...oh thats right yah dont get that.....wait before you say anything about Gears of War2...I hope yah dont mind waiting till this christmas to talk your sh*t!
Posted 04:53 on 14 June 2008
Bonebardier's Avatar
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I am loathe to admit it, but it does appear that the whole 360/PS3 argument is gradually being settled where everyone said the battle would lie - in software. As a PS3 owner, I have this nagging feeling that the console is never going to produce games that are better than the same game on 360, which irks me a little.

The issues all seem to revolve around one issue - RAM. How either console manufacturer can expect "next-gen" gameplay and graphics in HD with 256MB of RAM for the system and another 256MB for the graphics is beyond me. Where the 360 seems to win is in the ability to distribute the memory in a flexible way, allowing the developer to tune according to requirements, whereas the PS3 has a fixed 256/256 structure. Maybe developers will start to find clever ways around these memory issues, but it's not looking promising.

Maybe in the next generation, both MS and Sony will realise that RAM is where next gen features get much of their power - there's no point having a powerful CPU/GPU if there's not enough RAM to keep them busy - it'd be like sticking the engine from an F1 car in a Toyota Prius.

Well, at least it's a good Blu-Ray player.....
Posted 09:42 on 09 June 2008
amroalhiasat's Avatar
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dont u ever get sick of this devolopers cant get used to the ps3 its been out for 2 ****ing years
Posted 09:29 on 09 June 2008
Frazzer.Ss's Avatar
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I keep hearing it looks better on the 360, but Developers are just getting used to the ps3 because PES Developers had a year up on the PS3. Also on the 360 GTA 4 looks slighty more sharper than the PS3 version because Rockstar had brought out Bully to the 360. It all comes down to which console developers have experience with and in time developers will have the proper time to develope could PS3 versions.
Posted 14:16 on 06 June 2008
dav2612's Avatar


I can understand the PS3 is a different beast to the 360 and developers need time to get used to it. On top of that I guess budget and timescales come into it which is probably why a lot of bad ports happen on the PS3. I can't understand the Orange Box port though, surely EA have the financial clout to call in the Sony techies to get Half Life running properly.
Posted 13:11 on 06 June 2008
Tree's Avatar
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I must apologise for my stupid fanboy rant. I am not very smart and can't stand the fact that this so called "better console" the PS3 is a total disapointment, I just dont want to admit i payed all that money for sh*t games.

i must keep telling myself this so i can stay happy.

ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player
ps3 is not a glorified blu-ray player

there i feel better now.
Posted 11:11 on 06 June 2008
Tree's Avatar
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haha the amount of biased fanboyism is ridiculous on this site they might as well change the name of this site to ilovexbox360anditisthebestgameconsoleeve i mean come on every time i am on this site it completely rags on the ps3 and has only great things to say about the 360. i have played my fare share of games on both systems and i constantly realize the ps3 always looks better on most games.
Posted 03:41 on 06 June 2008
Viz's Avatar
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Quake Wars/PS3 is not a bad port compared to the 360:
1) 360 crashes more from the forums
2) 360 has no cockpit or 3rd person view
3) 360 has no server list where people are stuck unable to join
4) The screenshots for PS3 look pretty good and more like the PC than the 360.
5) The PS3 has more of the gameplay of the PC, with all 4 proficiency levels instead of the stripped down 3 the 360 has.
6) Seems to be able to track ranks properly which the 360 can't seem to do either.
7) The PS3 has in-game music which the 360 doesn't have either
8) The PS3 seems to have better vehicle controls as well than the 360
Posted 03:24 on 06 June 2008
MUNCKEI's Avatar


In my opinion and research
mostly to all games brought out
there are at there best because no game is actually made to equal teh console's strentgh in power
((if u get me))
that's why no games should be on the bad list
they made teh game the best they can
:D.good feedback by me i think.
Posted 03:01 on 06 June 2008
dale1's Avatar
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quake looks better on the ps3 there again biased site
Posted 22:15 on 05 June 2008

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