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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty screenshot
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty screenshot

The CEO of Spark Unlimited, the developer behind upcoming FPS Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, has hit back at criticism from game reviewers, saying it is a "high concept idea" and isn't targeted at the "core gamer".

Speaking in an interview with VideoGamer.com at a preview event for Spark's new mythological FPS Legendary, CEO Craig Allen said the team did its best to execute "with the time and money we had".

Turning Point, due out for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 14 2008, has received five out of 10 and below review scores so far across gaming publications on the web and in print.

He said: "You know, I think that when you try to do games that are about a mass market, and Turning Point is definitely a high concept idea, that with the time and money we had we did the best to execute on, our target was not really the core gamer.

"Turning Point, the idea there was really a high concept idea. I think that we're finding that the people who look at it like, "Is this going to be fun, something I can drop into, in a world I haven't seen before and have a good time?" really love the game. People that are looking at it with more of a critical eye of "Is this game revolutionary, is it doing play mechanics I've never seen before, is it driving new technology?" it was never meant to do those things. If people look at it in the right way, I think they really enjoy what they see. You can certainly look at it and say it's not revolutionary, so those opinions are certainly a lot more critical."

However, Allen moved to reassure gamers that the team had learned lessons from the development of Turning Point and was taking those into the development of Legendary, also built with the Unreal Engine 3, and due out some time in Q3 2008 (July, August, September).

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty screenshot

"Turning Point was our first next-generation game," he said. "We were developing the game while Epic was developing the Unreal Engine, so that in itself is exciting and brings forward challenges. But just being able to get that initial concept of what is a world where America never entered World War II and you now play in a kind of occupied America with Nazi Germany under the rule; just being able to go from the concept, to getting the game out, on the shelf, going through all the submission processes and knowing that we have a pipeline, that was really the biggest hurdle for us as a studio."

When asked if Legendary would be better than Turning Point, Allen said: "I think it's different. It depends on what your valuation criteria is. I think that Legendary has more to offer in terms of some unique technology, more unique gameplay and I think that we've been able to spend more time really polishing the world and creating a visually distinctive look for Legendary. They're really apples and oranges. Not everything is meant to be redefining for the industry. Legendary I think is more of that than Turning Point was, but I think they're both very strong creatively. I think they have very distinct worlds and you just need to make a creative choice on whether it's a world you want to play in."

Expect a hands-on preview of Legendary next week. Until then, why not have a gander at the latest screens and videos over on our Legendary game page?

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User Comments

Church's Avatar
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Yeah, but I"ve owned this game for a couple of months. I just think it sucks lol.
Posted 23:21 on 18 December 2008
sean's Avatar
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this must be the worse gaming experience i have ever had i find that i have paid good money for something that is not the finished article. The concept is good but the graphics are terrible in some parts more like doom, playability is ok but nothing more than that , my score for this game is 3 out of 10
Posted 21:50 on 02 April 2008
jam's Avatar
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The game is one of worst games
Posted 00:19 on 18 March 2008
chez's Avatar
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This game is horrible in every way and this guy is just trying to deflect those facts by saying that most people wont understand his game. Calling most of us dumb by saying the game is a High Concept game. Wrong, Bioshock was a high concept. TP is just turning the tables in a What if scenario. Which really couldve been a great game, i was sold on it i bought it the day it came out. And from the beginning it was clear this game was horrible. The enviroment is very fake from the moment the game starts, it doesnt feel like youre moving about the world or in this case on top of a high rise building. The enemy AI is extremely stupid the enemy just comes at you in waves, nothing about this game is fun it feels like the first generation of FPS games on an PS2 all the lessons that were learned and advancements in the FPS were just completely ignored in this game. Their are no physics to speak of.
Just read the reviews on this game. And do yourself a favor and dont buy it. Let these guys know if theyre going to make a bad game no ones going to buy it and dont let them cop out by saying "we did what we could with the time and money" they spent so much time and money going to the white house to make every room the same in the game, and buying WW1 & 2 weapons to keep at the offices cost a good deal of time and money the worst part is the level of detail in the guns couldve been attained by Googling them! Same with the Whitehouse layout being the same in the game it doesnt mean much if the graphics showing each room horrible!

Stay away from this stinker!
Posted 20:29 on 09 March 2008
fg's Avatar
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this game is absolutemly crap! 1/10 !!! MAx
Posted 03:29 on 09 March 2008
Bob M's Avatar
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Bob M

This is totally absurd. Nobody expected this game to be a Halo 3 or COD4 beater, but there are certain minimum standards that any shooter on the Xbox360 needs to meet. When you release a demo on Xbox Live less than a month before the game comes out that has major problems and then claim you are going to fix those problems in a couple of weeks, and then don't fix them, you are going to get slapped by gamers. This game is a $60 MSRP game, you don't get to claim that you are new to the platform or didn't have many resources if you insist on that price point in this era. How arrogant was it for them to release a "collector's edition" if they really believed this was not a title intended to be for the masses?
Posted 18:37 on 07 March 2008
RaZoR_GTX's Avatar


He's just basically saying if your expecting a game like a Halo beater or Killzone beater this wont be it. Its just a game they made from ideas, its made to play not to just break records and sell millions. Geeese........
Posted 14:03 on 07 March 2008
Gryfter's Avatar
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I don't care how "high" concept he thinks his game is or who he claims his market audience to be if the game controls like crap, looks like crap and plays like a 8 year old share ware game it's going to get low reviews. I am also pretty sure any gamer with an IQ above 45 "gets it" just fine.

I didn't realize this used the UE3...how can such a good looking engine look like such trash? Seems to me Spark Unlimited needs some new texture artists and modelers and...
Posted 21:28 on 06 March 2008
Lance Bubo's Avatar
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Lance Bubo

Yeah, I bought the game based on the "high concept", but returned it the next day because of the "crap game" - Note to Spark: Explaining to customers and critics why they "don't get it" is a bad idea for future crap releases.
Posted 17:26 on 06 March 2008
Lima's Avatar
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There is a difference between not being revolutionary in gameplay - (what he stated) and having bad gameplay (what's in the game) - that he can't tell the difference makes me far less likely to ever look at their games again - Devs just need to take their lumps and learn from their mistakes when they put out junk - not try to spin it so as its the customers that are wrong.
Posted 17:02 on 06 March 2008
Pshaw's Avatar
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Yeah. High concept. Never been done before and something profound.
Please. How arrogant can you get? Freedom Fighters was brilliant and equally "high" concept. Either way, a poor game is a poor game at the end of the day. Shadow of the Colossus was pretty damn "high" concept and it performed rather magnificently.
Posted 16:50 on 06 March 2008

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