F1 2011 screenshot
F1 2011 screenshot

There are two new tracks, improved handling, oscillating bodywork, improved damage, revamped pit stops, 2011 rule additions, enhanced garage visuals, a new press feedback system and a dynamic cloud system. Whilst these are minor additions in the grand scheme of things, Codemasters' Stephen Hood is quick in assuring us that this is "not just a small update".

The follow-up to the fastest selling F1 game of all time will build on its 9/10 worthy predecessor with more than just tweaks and tuning. F1 2011 is a fully justified sequel.

The experience can be divvied up into the studios' three-part development/marketing mantra: be the driver, live the life and go compete. In terms of be the driver, Codemasters offers a myriad of bullet points for the back of the box. Buddah International and Nürburgring have joined the circuit roster, with a bevy of graphical improvements to the existing 18 tracks. There's enhanced damage and failures, improved feedback for the driver (a voice explaining to the driver what else is happening on the track), heightened circuit fidelity and everything else I mentioned up at the top there.

Avid followers of the sport will be pleased to hear that KERS and DRS have been included to compliment this season's FIA rules. For the less avid followers, KERS stands for kinetic energy recovery system (which converts kinetic energy recovered from the rear axle during braking into a usable burst of energy) and the DRS (drag reduction system) reduces drag. Neither of these acronyms I had to look up on Wikipedia, I promise.

In F1 2010, live the life introduced innovation to the genre in the form of paddock interactions. Journalists would pester you for comments after a race, which - depending on who you might slag off - would affect the action on the track. This year's offering welcomes a revised paddock and garage, and new parc fermé animations - which didn't make the cut in 2010 due to time constraints.

Go compete sees the biggest feature additions to the game; multiplayer is a much bigger focus this time around. F1 2011 allows two players to team up and start a co-op career. Whilst this might seem a co-operative affair on the surface, the rivalry between team mates is at the heart of the F1 experience. Who qualifies the furthest up the grid? Who has the better lap times? Who crosses the finish line first? I'll be answering each of these questions with "me" when I inevitably start a career with my F1-obsessed father when the game launches.

Contributing to the split-screen reconnaissance the industry has seen over the last year or so, F1 2011 will allow two players to play on the same screen at the same time. It's like 1997 all over again. As well as this, online play now supports a full grid of 24 cars. The game can only support 16 players, however, so the remaining eight cars will be driven by AI drivers.

When asked, Hood also revealed that something along the lines of Autolog might be heading to the game, but wouldn't elaborate as to what. Such a feature is crucial if Codies hopes to remain on equal footing with other driving games, but Hood has expressed concern about feature, claiming that it's "overstated". How the developer therefore chooses to approach social integration is one of the biggest questions remaining about F1 2011.

F1 2011 is due for release in September, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC

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User Comments

draytone's Avatar


I wish I hadn't of splashed the £35 on 2010 now and waited a year. Then I could play something that original should have been like.
Posted 17:11 on 03 June 2011
thompo555's Avatar


loved 2010. The fixes and better all round jiggery-pokery (technical term) will make this a brilliant game. The Co-op sounds good too, No restarts (guilty!) and you actually have to manage the tyres well? This could be good!

@Clangod: You better be getting this! :D

For some reason, the DRS and KERS also really interest me, sounds extremely fun. Maybe I like speed (no, not the drug..) too much?
Posted 17:06 on 03 June 2011
gribb85's Avatar


@87Sarah Go get it, the career mode is worth it alone. It's the only racing game I've played where fighting for 18th place in a 20 lap race has actually meant something.
Posted 14:58 on 03 June 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


I missed out on 2010 too so thought I'd wait until 2011 comes out. So so so excited for this. I had a go on my mates xbox 2010 game and it was awesome so have been tempted to go out and get it for £20.
Posted 14:22 on 03 June 2011
gribb85's Avatar


Any idea if the co-op career will be online as well?
Posted 12:13 on 03 June 2011
Kjems95's Avatar


So again no safety-car feature?

Many have said that this is not an official feature list but if they were working on the safety-car feature they would have told us. Wouldn't they?
Posted 10:54 on 03 June 2011
TomPearson's Avatar


I remember playing our debug code and it being pretty jumpy, then getting the review copy and the changes they had made during that time were amazing. It really is quite decent. Looking forward to this
Posted 10:27 on 03 June 2011
dazzadavie's Avatar


I missed out on F1 2010, but a co-op career mode sounds right up my pit lane!
Posted 10:14 on 03 June 2011

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