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DDOS attack leaves EVE's Tranquility server cluster offline

EVE Online and Dust 514 remain offline.

Publish date Jun 3 2013

DUST 514 open beta begins January 22

Free to play for anyone with the PS3.

1 Publish date Jan 14 2013

Free-to-play could make PlayStation the 'key console' says Yerli

Failure to adapt to the new model will see new platforms fail.

Publish date Nov 1 2012

Registrations open for beta access to DUST 514

Players can now register to take part in the beta for free-to-play PlayStation 3 FPS, DUST 514, CCP Games has announced.

Publish date May 18 2012

DUST 514 beta begins April

CCP CEO has acknowledged the launch window for DUST 514's closed beta.

Publish date Mar 12 2012

CCP explains DUST 514 vehicle operation

CCP explains the similarities between vehicle systems in DUST 514 and EVE Online.

Publish date Mar 12 2012

DUST 514 may be PC-bound

CCP hints at a future beyond the PS3 for their upcoming MMO.

Publish date Mar 8 2012

DUST 514 playable at EVE Fanfest

CCP's upcoming PS3 exclusive MMOFPS DUST 514 will be playable at the annual EVE Fanfest later in the month.

Publish date Mar 6 2012

DUST 514 to be free-to-play

Upcoming MMOFPS DUST 514 will be available as a free-to-play title, and will be coming to Vita.

Publish date Mar 5 2012

CCP: Dust 514 will be more intuitive than EVE Online

DUST 514 will offer what EVE Online does not, according to CCP's CEO. Expect a user-friendly experience for new players.

Publish date Feb 27 2012

DUST 514 to have keyboard and mouse control

Upcoming MMO DUST 514 will have keyboard and mouse control despite being a PS3 exclusive.

Publish date Feb 8 2012

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