Dragon Age II screenshot
Dragon Age II screenshot

So BioWare has taken a bit of finishing polish and started wiping down one of the best games in its catalogue. Dragon Age: Origins had been a success for the studio; an thoroughly narrative-driven RPG stuck alongside a nice little combat system that had you thinking tactically about your party's next move via a pause screen of combat options. And if you ignored the slightly muddy looking graphics DA:O didn't even really require any significant changes.

That's one of the issues of creating a sequel to a video game that's already quite good as it is. As gamers we expect the game to be refined over the course of its sequels, but when the formula of the original had functioned well enough then any changes made from there will inevitably be trivial. A lazier studio will take that game and slap on a nice veneer of minimum-effort improvements whereby graphics will have the kinks knocked out of them, the GUI will go a minimalist route, icons will get sucked to the edges of the screen, you might get a few additional combat abilities, you might get a new kind of tree.

Dragon Age 2 doesn't just tweak the rougher aspects of the game; it overhauls them.

To start off with, the game's combat system has been reconfigured for a wider audience. DA2 now opts for a more inclusive approach to cater to the gamer not bothered with tactics-based gameplay. You're still offered the standard tactics menu that you saw in the original game, giving you the ability to pause mid-combat and plot out your next move. But now it's served alongside a helping of quick buttons. If you're not interested in queuing up actions on a pause screen and watching as those moves trickle out of your character's arms then you get the option to fight in the moment with a few basic combat actions without breaking away from the game. Enemies will begin streaming toward you and you can dive straight into them without pause.

BioWare has been scrubbing away at PC combat as well, implementing a PC-based "Tactical Camera 2.0" that allows your camera to freely roam around the battlefield mid-combat. Previously your camera had been fixed, stuck to your character and the area surrounding them. Now you can make use of the entire relevant area to plot the placement of your characters.

But the most significant change for the franchise is how the narrative has been remodelled. Dragon Age: Origins was a story-centric game that was so incredibly long you would make decisions that 20 hours later you wouldn't be able to actually remember. The remedy to that involves using a different method of storytelling. Now we have a framed narrative: a narrative takes the form of a story within a story.

The game begins where Origins started then goes another nine years further. In fact you can import in information from the original game which affects the storyline of this sequel.

In Dragon Age 2 you play Hawke, a character who will be lauded as a hero as a survivor of the Blight and a Champion of Kirkwall. The story jumps between Hawke's slow rise to fame and the myths (or even lies) that are developed in his memory ten years on. His adventure is being recounted by a layabout nobleman to a woman named Cassandra who is attempting to unmask the true Hawke.

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Rowland's Avatar


Decent game though it is, I'm afraid Dragon Age is a linear, commercially driven game franchise masquerading as an RPG, designed to appeal to the more casual gamers (wider audience).

Despite excellent story-telling and narrative, don't be fooled by the RPG tag - it's a Fantasy Adventure. Origins was more like an interactive book than an RPG and DA 2 looks like being no different.

These games could have been absolute classics if Bioware had stuck to their principles and developed open worlds with exploration and discovery, wide township interaction, factions, proper leveling, skill tree, item mechanics and flexible micro management - then factored in their excellent story telling and dialogue approach.

Dragons Age would then have sat alongside and challenged the likes of open world greats such as Baldurs Gate, Fallout, Witcher, Elder Scrolls etc. It's the fact that it's a fake RPG that's hugely disappointing and concerning for adult/serious gamers and fans of RPG's.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion is an RPG - choice of camera perspective, in-depth character choices, open world, better graphics, flexible micro-management, larger scale and scope.. etc, which came out early 2006 !

Nearly 5 years on and the Dragons Age franchise is nowhere near Oblivion's standard and quality in any regard whatsoever - shouldn't that tell you something ?
Posted 13:21 on 03 September 2010


Tbh it sounds a little too different, but a chnage is as good as a rest
Posted 22:01 on 02 September 2010
dudester's Avatar


I want this game and I may add I want this game!
Posted 21:05 on 02 September 2010
Wido's Avatar


Good read. Certainly cannot wait for this. Didn't download any DLC for Origins. Just played 'Stone Prisoner' DLC which I got with the collectors edition of Origins. This time however will be different. I shall be downloading future DLC for Dragon Age 2.
Posted 20:51 on 02 September 2010

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