dead or alive collectors -
dead or alive collectors -

UPDATE: Tecmo Koei has sent over a shot of the Dead or Alive 5 Collector's Edition, revealing all of the extra content you'll receive in the box.

You can also get a glimpse of the girls in their 'premium' swimsuits here. You know, if that's what does it for you.

ORIGINAL STORY: Tecmo Koei has announced the Dead or Alive 5 Collector's Edition for Europe.

In addition to a copy of the game, the Collector's Edition also features an exclusive artbook, soundtrack CD and a collection of "bunny-style swimsuits" for the game's leading ladies to wear.

That's in addition to the game's pre-bundled translucent clothing.

Calm down, fellas.

"To celebrate the release of Dead or Alive 5, Team Ninja announced the simultaneous release of an exciting Collector's Edition, including a rich content of tangible and in-game items that will enhance the gaming experience," read a post on Tecmo Koei Europe's website.

Here's the full list of content included in the Collector's Edition:

  • The Dead or Alive 5 game
  • a set of premium swimsuits for the full cast of playable female characters
  • an exclusive hardcover art book detailing the game’s rich imagery
  • the CD soundtrack
  • a full-colour poster of the DOA5 cast
  • all in a high-quality embossed metal case

It's not yet known where you'll be able to pick up a copy of the Collector's Edition or how much it'll set you back.

However, if you don't fancy splashing the cash on the CE, the post also suggests that the swimsuit DLC may be available as a pre-order bonus.

"In addition, fans who pre-order the game can choose between two exclusive sets of in-game bunny-style swimsuits: the 'DOA Angels' set of white swimsuits for Kasumi, Leifang, and Hitomi, or the 'DOA Devils' black swimsuits for Christie, Tina, and Ayane."

Team Ninja told us during E3 that it had "no plans" to release additional character DLC for DOA5.

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User Comments

Endless's Avatar

Endless@ Lew3107

I can't get another fighter atm. if SfxT hadnt been arse online I would still have been playing that. And I dont have the money for another one, closest I might get is Skullgirls as I have 1300msp sitting from my birthday in April I've yet to find anything worth spending on.

The Secret World or GW2 will be my next purchase. Just need to try them both out and take the plunge!
Posted 20:25 on 17 July 2012
Lew3107's Avatar

Lew3107@ Endless

Haha, that's the funny thing. I'm 15; I am a kid :D
But the costume thing. I get it, they know that people who play this game like these types of costumes on Kasumi, Tina, etc, but I think there should be a better incentive than bunny ears. If it has the "I'm a Fighter" posters, I might get it. If not, then Xenoblade Chronicles will remain the only special edition game that I've bought.
TTT2 just looks the better game overall, to be honest. More characters, more costumes, more modes, more interesting stages, and presumably a larger community. The only things DOA has over TTT2 is all their characters have different fighting styles, and combos are a lot easier to pull off. I'll get TTT2 first, then get DOA5, which will hopefully come out on the Wii U.
Posted 16:50 on 17 July 2012
Endless's Avatar


Peoplestill want posters? I dunno as a kid I had posters; but as an adult it needs to be framed or on canvas to go anywhere near my wall :P

I dont care for bunnies, I'd much rather see them in regular outfits that just happened to be a bit more skimpy than in bikinis etc. Hell why dont they go the whole hog and just have them in underwear? Thats the next logical step right? :P And for the record TTT2's swimsuits look more believable.
Posted 09:04 on 17 July 2012
BC_Animus's Avatar


LOL Lew I was thinking of the same thing. I want the poster. No interest in the game though heh.
Posted 13:27 on 14 July 2012
Lew3107's Avatar


I'd love to see this game arrive on the Wii U, none of my friends on XBL will buy it. And I'm not spending £70 to get skimpy costumes for fake women. I want the poster though.
Posted 21:33 on 03 July 2012
Endless's Avatar


I dont much like the condescending tone of this article.
Posted 12:14 on 02 July 2012
thedanyrand's Avatar


First thought when reading the heading- Of course theres a bunny suit
Posted 22:30 on 25 June 2012
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


What..? No mankini for the boys!?!
*initiates cupcake petition*
Posted 21:50 on 25 June 2012
Hooded's Avatar


I would rather have real Bunny ears with the collectors edition, than DLC bunny ears. You know, for Tuesdays.
Posted 18:36 on 25 June 2012

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