Devil May Cry 4 screenshot
Devil May Cry 4 screenshot

The decision to price the PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4 £10 higher than the Xbox 360 version came from retailers, not publisher Capcom, has learned.

Speaking to, a spokesperson for Capcom said: "We don't set the prices of our games, that's at the discretion of the retailer. In this specific instance, the process has resulted in a price difference, but the process itself is not something we completely control."

While DMC4 is certainly not the first multi-format game to be more expensive on the PS3, in this case some PS3 owners have complained at the higher price for what is essentially the same game on a different console.

High street specialist retailer GAME lists DMC4 with an RRP of £49.99 on PS3 and £39.99 on Xbox 360. Both and list the same pricing.

Regular readers will know the game, which is due out on both consoles on 8 February, looks in good shape. You an check out why in our recent Devil May Cry 4 hands on. When you've done that, why not check out the latest Devil May Cry 4 trailer on our video player?

How do you feel about having to fork out an extra tenner for the PS3 version of DMC4? Let us know in the comments section below.

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gamer josh

capcom may not set the prices but they do set the RRPs.
Posted 13:22 on 03 February 2008
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I work in a gamestore in Sweden and Capcoms distributor PAN Vision is charging us 5 Euros more for the PS3-version than the 360-dito. How can this be the retailers fault? Simply put - Capcom lies, they're behind the price difference - not the retailers.
Posted 20:40 on 30 January 2008
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The Collector's Edition of DMC4 for the PAL territories lacks everything what the US version has. Another miscalculation on Capcom's side.

I'll compare the US Collector's Edition and the European one.

-Steel Case
-Bonus Soundtrack
-1st Volume of the DMC Anime
-Bonus DVD with Making-Ofs and content for the PC such as wallpapers and screensavers

-Steel Case

Hmm...Don't even compare the price, it's a total rip-off....
Posted 18:04 on 30 January 2008
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i think that it is Capcom that did this as they seem to be abandoning playstation. If you look all the plastation exclusives are now on xbox such as resident evil and even devil may cry and xbox still get their exclusives like dead rising. I think that is it rediculase to start putting games that are already late into the series anyway.
Posted 17:10 on 29 January 2008
Machetazo's Avatar


My initial thoughts are, that for a company saying that they're keen to expand their reach and appeal further into International markets; they do a seemingly shoddy job of reading and reacting to regional trends (reported upturn in current generation of Playstation's fortunes, coupled to a progressive altering of opinion, in a territory traditionally strong in supporting the PS family).

They've at least got to be aware of how the most vocal feel about regularly getting the worse deal, here. I was reading a cover story feature on DMC4 with strong interest and enthusiasm, but this sort of action, along with the fact I've yet to try the game (I only play multiplatform titles on PS3, by choice), means it's all the easier for me to leave DMC4 on-hold, till some time in the future.

As you might gather, I'm disappointed by the price differences, because it will send a message - except that it'll be one that I won't be influenced by, as I'll buy neither, for now.
Posted 16:54 on 29 January 2008
NinetiesKid's Avatar


Bloodstorm is 100% correct, I ordered the LE from there a while back.
Posted 15:55 on 29 January 2008
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Posted 14:41 on 29 January 2008
Bloodstorm's Avatar

Bloodstorm@ youknowme

Originally Posted by youknowme

On an even brighter note I have seen both versions cheaper on www.****.com with free 1st class delivery

No it's not, MUCH cheaper on amazon since i pre-ordered it for £29.99 there and yes it was the limited edition.
Posted 14:05 on 29 January 2008
youknowme's Avatar


RRP’s are Recommended Retail Prices or rather they should be using SSP Suggested Selling Price. Retailers can sell at whatever price they want to, it’s their margin that is affected. It would be interesting to see what would happen if all publishers sold their games at the same price to all retailers and rather than the big players pushing the smaller ones out, it would be service levels that would keep the customer coming back! Surely the customer wins

I think the smaller companies would start to see significant increase in sales

The difference in price makes no odds, 360 has been very popular in 2007, but I see PS3 coming through strong.

On an even brighter note I have seen both versions cheaper on www.****.com with free 1st class delivery
Posted 13:50 on 29 January 2008
Brett Allen's Avatar
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Brett Allen

Why should PS3 owners have to fork out more. We have a better plaform than the Xbox 360 and should be engouraged to purchase these titles when there bought out rather than waiting for the price to drop.
Posted 13:49 on 29 January 2008
FantasyMeister's Avatar


A lot of new 360 games have £49.99 RRPs too, the price disparity here seems to be along the lines of Capcom recommending a more unusual £39.99 RRP for the 360 version, I'm guessing to make sure the DMC series gets taken up on a system it's never appeared on before.

RRPs are set by the manufacturer so I don't understand how Capcom can't be in complete control of the process.

On the bright side, Amazon are selling the limited edition for £39.99 (PS3), or £29.99 (360). This £10 disparity is down to retailers, I'm guessing it's because the Blu-Ray version costs them more to buy from Capcom than the 360 version due to pressing costs?
Posted 12:46 on 29 January 2008

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