Tom Orry, Editor - Driver San Francisco, Xbox 360 and PS3

Driver: San Francisco screenshot

I thought the Shifting mechanic in Driver San Francisco was a stupid gimmick, having not played the game until last week. How wrong was I? Well, very wrong. While the coma storyline is more than a little ludicrous, the gameplay it allows for is hugely original. When developer Reflections really goes to town with the craziness towards the end of the campaign things really get exciting, with numerous clever and memorable sequences. It's hard to imagine how the dev team will manage a sequel if San Francisco is a success, but hopefully they will work something out. Driver deserves to do well.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor - StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, PC

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty screenshot

My housemate Daniel is the most hardcore StarCraft player I know. He watches live matches online, is a daily viewer of Day 9, and has a notepad filled with tweaks to his build order. Since the game came out last year it's been increasingly tricky to lure him away to anything else, so this week I teamed up with him for spot of 2v2 play. He and his normal partner have reached diamond level, so I figured we'd get by. Big mistake.

Long story short, we lost - and in embarrassing fashion. Despite the fact that one of our two opponents dropped out immediately, the guy who stuck around made short work of our pathetic coalition. Daniel was taking it easy, while my laid-back approach to army construction left me helplessly underpowered when the enemy starting showing up en masse. StarCraft II is an amazing game, but I still refute the idea that it can be played casually. Frankly, successful play demands acute reflexes, practice, and more concentration than I'm prepared to give.

In contrast, when my girlfriend plays Age of Mythology she drops the AI to the easy setting and spends ages building a huge base with all the trimmings; combat is almost an afterthought. Shameful as it may sound, I think I prefer her style of RTS play to Daniel's.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer – Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Xbox 360

Deus Ex: Human Revolution screenshot

I've made a promise to myself that I'm going to complete Deus Ex without spilling the blood of a single enemy. I'm going to slip through the game like a shadow, only using violence when the game puts me in a position where it's the only option available - which I've heard is just for the boss battles. I'm only an hour or so into things, but so far I've stuck by this promise.

It certainly strikes me as a good game, but lord is it shonky. Trailers, promotional artwork and the such lead me to believe this game would be slicker than your average, but the character models, animations and lip-syncing are all straight out of 2005. Still, I doubt this will deter me; it certainly seems like this is a game I'm going to pour a decent amount of time into. I'm away over the bank holiday, however, so my adventures as Adam Jensen are going to have wait until late next week. For shame.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Terraria, PC

indieterraria -

Terraria is the next logical step up from MineCraft, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. In fact don't even listen to me: here's a helpful and subtle link to trailer. This is a side-scrolling, world-building, sandbox-styled action game that is best played in co-op. Make a character, explore, build a house, dig for raw material, create items and weapons, then wait for nightfall for zombies, blobs, flying eyes, and Dune-style sandworms to attack. Amazing game.

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MrGloomy's Avatar


I've been playing a lot of (and more of) Mass Effect 2. I've got my hands on Deus Ex, but ME2 has got me hooked again. Once I've appeased my ME2 cravings, I will no doubt be having a go with Deus Ex, but for the time being I'm enjoying my 5th playthrough!
Posted 10:19 on 30 August 2011
clangod's Avatar


Been getting pretty heavily into my PC games lately. Apart from BC2 and the obligatory GT5/ Dirt 3/ Shift 2 on PS3, I've also snapped up Borderlands and Metro 2033 from a weekend Steam special. God I love Steam :)

Was never convinced I'd like Borderlands so never gave it more than a few review reads. I'm glad I tried it. For $7.00 odd dollars (and several hours download) I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Shame my laptop likes to overheat running it...

Metro 2033 has also been a nice surprise and also for roughly $7.00 has so far been a pretty well rounded experience. It manages to set the mood very well and I look forward to getting farther on in the narrative.

From Dust I bought also on Steam and if I can manage to look past the bugs (some game breaking), I am impressed with the concept and how it plays. I'd be all too interested in a more progressive/ larger area. When it works well it is a great game. All too often though, blemished by it's own inconsistencies...

All on a newly purchased Turtle Beach X21 headset. Not a benchmark headset by any means. But for $45.00 (after a trade) they've already nearly blown my ears out. Battlefield has been a particularly more engrossing experience since I got them.

Really want to get Deus Ex but can't decide between Pc or PS3...
Posted 09:32 on 30 August 2011
thompo555's Avatar


All this talk about Deus Ex is REALLY making me want to play it >.>
Posted 16:53 on 29 August 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


Deus Ex for me and loving it so far although I am stuck on a bit at the moment. I'm on a level where I have to get into the police station and decided to add soem more augmentations to help me in my mission. However I realised I didn't have enough praxis point things to upgrade what I wanted to upgrade so have been taking out a few DRB gang members to try and increase my credits.
I was going to attempt stealth mode for my first playthrough but it hasn't worked out that way and I've had to start shooting when someone has spotted me. I'd died a few times :( For now I'm going to keep going with no obvious intension to stealth or go in all guns blazing. I'm likely to play it through again and will concentrate on stealth mode on my second playthrough for cheevos. :)
Posted 15:07 on 29 August 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Started playing (and completed) Transformers: WFC single player; enjoyed that. Then moved onto a bit of Torchlight (adding on a few new mods to the mix)
Posted 14:27 on 29 August 2011
dav2612's Avatar


I've mainly been playing Dirt 3 and Fallout 3 but I made a start on LA Noire and Deus EX too.
Posted 09:10 on 29 August 2011
CheekyLee's Avatar


This week, I decided to try and get back into StarCraft II. I found that I had completely forgotten everything I knew about it, and so I started the campaign again. Expect, I put it onto the easiest setting, because I had already completed the first few missions. And I learned that I enjoyed it all the more. Sure, I won't be able to hold my own against all but the most drunk of human opponents, but I don't care. It is still a shame that I simply never find the time to play anything other than mobile phone games at the moment, because I know for certain that if I did have the opportunity I could truly invest a large slice of my life into SCII.
Posted 21:39 on 28 August 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Farm Town, Farm Town and despite picking up Deus Ex first thing Friday morning... more Farm Town. I keep meaning to go back to Alpha Proto... oops sorry I mean Deus Ex, but the gameplay is so similar to another title that I played recently, name of it is on the tip of my tongue...

Also, just to boost my credibility a little, some Diablo 2.
Posted 21:00 on 28 August 2011
thompo555's Avatar


Very little, actually. I played a bit of BC2: Vietnam again, but have mostly been pre-occupied with playing guitar.

I think I may have.. a hobby! o.0
Posted 19:13 on 28 August 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


It is fun to see so many people on my friends list all playing one title - Deus Ex.

That has been my focus!
Posted 18:29 on 28 August 2011
scaz2244's Avatar


well ive just been playing a lot of borderlands, reached level 32 and going to do another playthrough and get through the DLC that is if Deus Ex doesnt consume all of my gaming.
Posted 16:01 on 28 August 2011
Endless's Avatar


I'm with you on this one Neon, i have the same feeling about Dawn of War, there IS no casual play imo. If you dont get your build order right or your opponent manages to trump it, there's no looking back. game over. It's very unforgiving imo.

Red Alert 2 was the last RTS I could really enjoy, the micromanagement heavy, build order-centric RTS of today are less appealing.

I've spent most of my week researching PHP Frameworks and CMS for my project.

That and trying to get my Myth Defense levels back up to before I got my new phone (which is awesome btw) And playing a bit of Dragon, Fly! which is essentially a free Tiny Wings for android.
Posted 14:51 on 28 August 2011


I receieved my copy of Deus Ex on Wednesday this week, which apart from being early, put my boredom to rest, for now at least. By Friday ngiht I had finished it. The days leading up to its completion were filled with at least 8 hours of gameplay and which it's conclusion was barely satisfactory, my time with the game was enjoyable.

That said, I've alreayd started a new game on the hardest difficulty where, the only difference so far is how damaged you get (3 hits means death).

Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars: Mindless Lego fun!

Neon, if you want someone.... easier to play at SC2 then I'd be game, I'm only bronze league!
Posted 13:25 on 28 August 2011
Wido's Avatar


Been playing Deus Ex since I got it, whilst also having a few games on FIFA 10. Sod knows where my copy of FIFA 11 is lurking. Must of miss placed it somewhere.

Deus Ex so far is my favourite game of the year. Too soon? Not at all. The depth HR has and the decisions such as the style you want to take each and every situation, deserves top credit. I'm not even that far in the game, but sneaking around without getting detected and only just knocking the enemies out. Deus Ex is very rewarding plus satisfying doing it that way. My first playthrough is stealth the whole game without killing anyone. Then I will be going all action in my next playthrough.
Posted 10:00 on 28 August 2011
reynoldio's Avatar


I've been playing quite a lot of EA Sports Active 2! Good value workout thingy for £12, reads your movements well and keeps track of heart rate and stuff, much better than others. Plus it's a decent workout - adds to my exercise routine!

Very, much enjoyed Kill Team and the SpaceMarine demo - cannot wait for the full game.

Also played quite a bit of MAG - a bunch of guys from work all play on a Friday night and it's a brilliant game, really tactical and enjoyable. If anyone has it gathering dust anywhere, come join us!

Finally I'm working through the Fallout 3 DLC slowly, just finishing Mothership Zeta (slowly) which is alright but not great. It's Fallout so I love it but it isn't the most fun I've had with the game.
Posted 09:57 on 28 August 2011

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