Dead Space 2: Severed DLC Trailer

Isaac isn't the only one fighting through the Sprawl.

Publish date Feb 23 2011

Episode 64

Dead Space 2 forms the main topic of conversation, but the team also chat about what else they've been playing and pick their Desert Island Games. Warning: Features explicit language.

Publish date Jan 31 2011

Dead Space 2 Video Review

A night to dismember.

Publish date Jan 27 2011

Dead Space 2: Extended Play

In space everyone can hear Pearson scream.

Publish date Jan 25 2011

Dead Space 2: Video Comparison - Dead Space Extraction

The PS3 port takes on the Wii original.

Publish date Jan 25 2011

Dead Space 2: Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2 Trailer

Critics love it, but your mom will hate Dead Space 2.

Publish date Jan 21 2011

Dead Space 2: Launch Trailer

Available on PC, PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 from Friday, January 28.

Publish date Jan 13 2011

Dead Space 2: Heads-up: January 2011

A look at the new games released January 2011.

Publish date Jan 11 2011

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Release Date: 28/01/2011
Developer: Visceral Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Action
Rating: BBFC 18
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