EA isn't making a new Dead Space game, but future return to sci-fi franchise is possible

Would need to envision "Dead Space for a new generation".

Publish date Jun 17

The Worst Video Game Taglines In History

20 years ago Nintendo decided that 1994 was "The Year Of The Cartridge". Far from an internal memo, it was a publicly declared tagline. Here's some other awful marketing decisions throughout the ages.

9 Publish date May 6

The Price Of 'Tacked-On' Multiplayer

Any game that meets some success before getting added multiplayer with the sequel gets painted with the 'tacked-on' brush. Does that always mean a sub-par experience, though?

7 Publish date Aug 3 2013

Dead Space 4 not in development, EA confirms

But will there be another Dead Space game? "Who knows?", says EA's Soderlund.

13 Publish date Jun 17 2013

John Carpenter would love to make a Dead Space film

Also admits to stupidly buying Aliens: Colonial Marines.

7 Publish date May 8 2013

Dead Space 4 canned, series in trouble following poor sales of Dead Space 3

UPDATE: EA responds: "While we have not announced sales for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and the franchise remains an important IP to EA."

54 Publish date Mar 5 2013

Dead Space 2 free for EU PlayStation Plus subscribers

Dead Space 2 is the latest game to be part of PlayStation Plus' growing Instant Game Collection.

4 Publish date Aug 1 2012

Dead Space 3 screenshot hits the internet

An image which appears to be the first screenshot from Dead Space 3 has appeared online alongside the game's logo.

4 Publish date May 30 2012

Dead Space 3, Co-Op, and the Death of Survival Horror

As Capcom abandons the genre, and rumours point to a co-op Dead Space 3, will this year's E3 spell the death of survival horror?

18 Publish date May 30 2012

Dead Space 3 to feature drop-in drop-out cooperative multiplayer

If joined by another player, series hero Isaac will be helped by a man with a glowing red eye and a scar. This new character will also have his won engineering rig.

4 Publish date May 9 2012

EA confirms new entries in the Dead Space and Need for Speed franchises

New games in both the Dead Space and Need for Speed franchises are on the way, publisher EA announced overnight during its Q4 financial year 2012 earnings call.

17 Publish date May 8 2012

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