Dead Island: Riptide screenshot
Dead Island: Riptide screenshot

Dead Island: Riptide developer Techland has contested comments made by Deep Silver last week about its decision not to release the game on Wii U, claiming that the reason to skip Nintendo's console has nothing to do with Chrome Engine's capabilities.

Speaking to GameSpot in response to Deep Silver's claims, which suggested that the developer would have had to re-engineer its engine specifically for Wii U, a Techland spokesperson revealed that "Wii U compatibility was coded, created, and tested months ago, back in 2012.

"There's no 'rewriting' needed to make it work on Nintendo's latest console. So the bottom line is that there were no plans to create a Wii U version but that decision had nothing to do with Chrome Engine's inability to run on that platform."

Techland's comments conflict with those made by Deep Silver creative producer Alex Toplansky last week, who told that "one of the opportunities that we had for Riptide was to continue the development of an engine and really improve it and make a lot of refinements.

"The things that are required to bring something to a new platform, you've either really got to be integrating it deep into the engine or you've got to be doing a port. Neither one of those was a satisfactory outcome for us. So we decided to stick to what we've got platform-wise right now and just make sure that we can deliver the best experience we can."

Toplansky added that the publisher had "no plans" to release Dead Island: Riptide on Wii U.

But if the engine really is capable, why isn't Riptide heading to Wii U? This might have something to do with it.

Never mind, though: there's always the next-gen Dead Island to look forward to.

Source: GameSpot

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rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ FrostySphincter

Yeah at least through digital distrubution, odd decision.
Posted 16:28 on 19 March 2013
FrostySphincter's Avatar


Not sure why they wouldn't publish hit for Wii U if it works fine with out any tweaking. Surely they could just print it in small numbers and the e-shop? Not that i'm at all an expert on these matters mind.
Posted 16:21 on 19 March 2013

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