Darksiders II Downloads for PS3

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Darksiders II Extended Play

Martin and Dave talk you through an early part of THQ's excellent action adventure title.

Publish date Aug 16 2012

Darksiders II: Death lives

In this short video of Darksiders II we presents again the famous Death, brother of War...

Publish date Aug 10 2012

Darksiders II: Know Death Gameplay Trailer

Get to know Death in the latest gameplay trailer for Darksiders II.

Publish date Aug 7 2012

Darksiders II: Last Salvation TV Promo Spot

Take a look at the most recent TV Promo Spot for Darkness 2.

Publish date Aug 3 2012

Darksiders II: Death Comes For All Trailer

Check out the first all-gameplay trailer for Darksiders II, the Crowfather sets the stage for the tale: where the fate of mankind may be determined by the actions of the most feared horseman of the apocalypse: Death.

Publish date Jul 25 2012

Darksiders II: The Last Sermon Trailer

The Last Sermon, staring Game of Thrones’ James Cosmo, tells a story of mankind's last hours on earth and portrays Death, in a way fans have not seen him before.

Publish date Jun 19 2012

Darksiders II Soundtrack Samples

Four songs from the Darksiders II soundtrack: The Makers Theme, Into Eternity, City of the Dead and Demon Realm.

Publish date May 17 2012

Darksiders II: Death Strikes Part #2 Trailer

Check out Death in all his glory as he deals out some spectacular judgement on one of the gigantic bosses from Darksiders II.

Publish date May 17 2012

Darksiders II: Behind The Mask: Death's Story

Key members from Vigil Games reveal the game's plot and Death's history.

Publish date May 10 2012

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Release Date: 21/08/2012
Publisher: THQ
Genre: Action
Rating: BBFC 15
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