Demon's Souls screenshot
Demon's Souls screenshot

A listing for Demon's Souls 2 on PlayStation 4 has appeared on the website of European retailer

The unannounced game was spotted on the retailer's website this morning. CDON previously outed Gran Turismo 6 for release on PS3 weeks prior to the game's official announcement.

The listing follows comments from SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, who told Polygon during E3 that he would "really like to see more" Demon's Souls.

"That's a great question, but because of the attention that will get, I choose not to answer," he replied, when asked whether Sony was interested in developing a sequel. "But personally, I love Demon's Souls. I spent hours and hours and hours [playing it]."

"I love the team, I love the game and yeah, I'd really like to see more. But that's all that I will say."

SCEJ published Demon's Souls in Japan in early 2009, with the European publishing rights picked up by Namco Bandai a year later.

Namco later went on to release spiritual successor Dark Souls, with a sequel due to release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC next March. Analysis

While it's certainly possible Demon's Souls 2 could be headed to PS4, CDON also lists Microsoft-exclusive Dead Rising 3 for release on Sony's console. Yoshida's comments give us hope, but it's best to take this with a pinch of salt until confirmed.


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User Comments

Los_VALOS's Avatar


It's still there though.. I wonder what will happen if I preorder it? Maybe we should all preorder it and sue CDON for false advertising if it turns out to be untrue! WHO'S WITH ME?

I desperately want to believe in this but there's that good chance that it's merely a prank to draw more clicks to the site ='(
Posted 02:05 on 04 July 2013

Woodfella@ AdesteFideles

I hear that. I played emon's knowing nothing at all about it, not even really what kind of game it was. I was terrified at every turn, those jailers in latria are the scariest things in video games. Its a lot bleaker and scarier but i accept that the reason I love it more is because of nostalgia and the fact I played it first.

Doing an SL1 run through of it now. Its flipping well hard. Harder than Dark!
Posted 19:49 on 01 July 2013
AdesteFideles's Avatar

AdesteFideles@ Woodfella

I can get behind all that you are saying, but after playing Dark Souls on PC I find the slowdown, latency and a few other niggling problems bring down Demon's Souls.

It also looks terrible on PS3. Like really, really terrible.

I know it shouldn't matter, but after Dark Souls on PC the comparison can't be avoided.
Posted 19:41 on 01 July 2013
Evenon's Avatar


Good. I'm going to purge all my games and consoles when the PS4 hits, and this is a game I was worried about missing out on.
Posted 19:39 on 01 July 2013


DEMON'S SOULS IS BETTER THAN DARK SOULS. Also I cant see how or why from would do this with Dark coming out. So if true itll be someone else and be a pale imitation of the first 2/3.

But I think that if you played dark souls first you might not like it as much, i have fonder memories of demon's. Plus its smaller and has less flaws, plus do dont have to run for about half an hour to get anywhere, plus the upgrades are better, plus world tendency... There is more reasons but this is not the thread.
Posted 19:22 on 01 July 2013
Purple_eye's Avatar


I've downloaded Demon souls (PS+ rocks) and once I finish my Dark Souls NG+ playthrough i'm going to dive in. If this Demon Souls 2 thing is true, i'll wait to see who's developing it before i get too excited, but more Souls can't be bad can it??
Posted 18:48 on 01 July 2013
AdesteFideles's Avatar


I just started playing Demon's Souls this week after finally subbing to PSN+ and it's great. Not quite Dark Souls amazing, but it's not far off.
Posted 18:43 on 01 July 2013
Roland_D11's Avatar


If this is the game Miyazaki (the creator of the first two souls games) is working on, I am all for it.

But if From Software is making DS2, I don't expect it before sometime in 2015.
Posted 15:05 on 01 July 2013

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