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Set in the Pacific theatre, CoD World at War returns the series to WWII.

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Treyarch delivers the best WWII Shooter to date
Treyarch delivers the best WWII Shooter to date

Treyarch delivers the best WWII Shooter to date

Gamers aren't a very open minded bunch it seems. From the moment Activision announced that Treyarch, the development studio behind Call of Duty 3, was working on Call of Duty: World at War the game couldn't get a break. Whatever the press saw and reported on in a positive light was spun so much it seemed as though the game was going to fail no matter what. Gamers had spoken (at least those that post on internet forums) and they wanted Infinity Ward or nothing. Thankfully Treyarch clearly felt it had something to prove, with CoD: World at War managing to escape from CoD4's shadow and dazzle us with the most action packed and intense WWII shooter to date.

The move back to WWII after the stunning CoD4: Modern Combat disappointed a lot of fans. Many thought the series was taking a step backwards, and you might think you've had enough of the World War II genre, but give it a chance to show you what it's got and World at War will convince you otherwise. With two concurrent campaigns (one with you fighting for the Russians against the Nazis and another with you as a US soldier fighting against the Japanese) as action packed as this you'll barely have time to blink, let alone breathe. Over the course of a non-stop six-hour game (longer if you play on one of the harder difficulty settings) you'll trawl through swamps, struggle to stay alive during a night-time beach-side attack, burn the enemy in huge open fields, gun down attack boats while high above the ocean in the gunner seat of a plane, crawl through a burning building, and pick off enemies one by one in a dimly lit railway station.

Early critics of World at War labelled it CoD4 with a WWII skin, and in truth that's not far wrong, but it shouldn't be seen as a negative. If you've played CoD4, or any CoD made for current platforms for that matter, you'll know what to expect. In the console games you've got a handy auto-aim when looking down your sight, grenades are mapped to the shoulder buttons, you can pick up and return grenades thrown at you, your health returns over time, enemies frequently re-spawn until you reach a certain point in a level (yes, this still happens), there are the token vehicle levels and there's a seemingly endless number of amazing set pieces. People, understandably, have different opinions on Call of Duty's incredibly linear, heavily scripted gameplay, but when it's in a package this slick it's hard not to enjoy the ride.

'The flame thrower has to rank as one of the best weapons we've used in an FPS and is easily the most satisfying to use in World at War.'

Although similar to other WWII games you'll have played, World at War includes a number of ideas that make this a different experience. The first is the Japanese soldiers and their unique fighting style. When playing as the US you'll come across Japanese soldiers hiding in trees and in long grass, camouflaged or in small hiding holes, or charging straight at you with a bayonet aimed right at your gut. To counter this you get to use the game's second great new feature: the flame thrower. This has to rank as one of the best weapons we've used in an FPS and is easily the most satisfying to use in World at War. The way it flows out of the gun and spreads across grass and through bunkers is a real sight to behold, and almost worth the asking price alone.

It would be easy to give CoD4 creator Infinity Ward all the credit, seeing as it made the engine, perfected the gameplay and essentially made the template for Treyarch to follow, but Treyarch still had to build a fun and exciting game that had some ideas of its own - the fact that Activision could have slapped Infinity Ward on the opening splash screen and no one would have battered an eyelid speaks volumes for the work that's been done here. Yes, it's more of the same, but it's still one of the most thrilling first-person shooters ever released and would have been worthy of the name Call of Duty 5, had it been called that.

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safc's Avatar


cod 5 is basically like cod 4 but sh*ter cod 4 was a legendry game the best game ive ever played on but cod 5 just isnt as good. i like modern war betta than ww2 or ww1 its just not the same. the only better thing on cod5 is the zombie mode, and i got up to level 605 on it check me on ps3 leader boards or add me on ps3 safc1993
Posted 09:17 on 11 February 2009
Anonymous's Avatar
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more of the same nothing new .6/10.
Posted 21:32 on 19 November 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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singleplayer to short 5-6 hours for 70euros no way .resistance 2 double the time.
Posted 21:31 on 19 November 2008
dammu's Avatar


can u rent at asda
Posted 17:28 on 17 November 2008
magicmaster's Avatar
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I say buy it itraded fallout 3 and call of duty 4 for it its basicly call of duty 4 with more features any way u get used to the older weapons but its the same great game play you love with online co-op
Posted 17:42 on 15 November 2008
Wido's Avatar


I got my copy of COD5 for the PS3 for £30 quid from GAME, thanks to having some money on a gift card.

Only been playing the online and its bloody brillant, and yes Treyarch has easily matched IW COD4 but even better in my standards. Going back to using the WWII weapons was a bit tricky at start on which gun to use on certain levels. The Rifle is the best gun to use in all maps, as its a good all rounder in my opinion and the Thompson is quite shocking to be fair!
Posted 19:28 on 14 November 2008
Gooner's Avatar
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The £27 ASDA deal ripped through teh internet like a flamethrower, you will be very lucky to get it there. I heard a rumour it is this weekend only, other retailers seem to be sticking to their guns ( Bad Pun Sorry!!!) I paid £34.07 at Sainsbury's.

I know someone at ASDA i was told opened 8.00am SOLD OUT 8.03am thirty copies in my local store and a queue too.

Back to WAW im like it a lot!!!
Posted 18:03 on 14 November 2008
sakshamthegreatest's Avatar


@ pblive
If you don't have the money then i will give you it to you at half price. I bought it only today with quantum of solace, mirror's edge and completed it in 3.5 hours. it is an amazing game despite of its short length. A 9 is perfect.
"I expected it to get 9 or 10." Just to clear things out this game has got a nine. So, read a review carefully. And you said that you'll be tired of it very quickly. You are wrong. It is brilliant. Forza 2 was also good although it was moe of forza motorsport 1 but still it had few innovations and it got a nine. Same thing applies to call of duty 4 and the 5th one.
This game is amust buy for anyone who loves WWII games and first person shooters. you will not get tired of ti as it is a beautiful recreation of WWII games and you can play it several times. Buy it either for singleplayer or for multiplayer. But do nOT consider it to be as good as modern warfare(COD4). Waiting for Infinity Ward's COD6- the future warfare.
next week- Undercover and tomb raider underworld
Posted 17:53 on 14 November 2008
dav2612's Avatar


I'm very, very tempted. My sensible side says to wait until I clear off some of my other games but I'll be in Asda tomorrow and I can see the only thing that will stop the game ending up in the trolley is it being sold out.
Posted 16:47 on 14 November 2008


I'm tempted, but 2 things stop me:
I haven't got an Asda nearby
I haven't got £27
Posted 15:39 on 14 November 2008
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ sakshamthegreatest

I expected it to get 9 or 10, I'd have been surprised at a lower score due to the amount of enthusiastic frothing the game has been getting in General Chat from those that were in the beta.

At £27 from ASDA I'm tempted, only thing stopping me is I played COD4 to death over the last year and, as happened with Forza 2 after doing the same with Forza, I think I'd tire of World at War too quickly. Despite the zombies (which never get old).

So for now I'm sticking with Fallout 3 and working through my backlog of games, which will include a spot of pigeon shooting in GTA IV. (Gotta frag 'em all!).
Posted 12:15 on 14 November 2008
sakshamthegreatest's Avatar


I did expect it to be good but not that good as you guys at videogamer say. Well, still Cod4 was a lot better game but only name of Call of duty makes a game great . I knew i will buy it after the great call of duty 4. Although, this game is based on a cod4 engine but still i will buy it. Only 5 games impressed me this year. I don't know how much marks i will give to cod5 but other than it all the games below deserve 10 marks from my point of view. They are-
1. call of duty 5
3. Gears of WAR 2
4. burnout paradise
5. MIdnight Club los angeles
I don't know about NFS UC as it is not released. I haven't bought mirror's edge and Quantum of solace but i will buy them by this monday and also cod5. The best month for me ever in my gaming history- THE NOVEMBER 2008
But game of the year from my point of view- GTA4/GOW2. Nothing can better than these 2
Posted 12:07 on 14 November 2008


Considering Quantum of Solice used the same engine, and that wasn't all that good, it really shows that Treyarch have done some good work here.

I'll be getting this as soon as I can work out what to get rid of in it's place :)
Posted 11:43 on 14 November 2008
Gooner's Avatar
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Great, off to buy before the teh internet COD4 know it alls show up
Posted 11:11 on 14 November 2008

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