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Soap and Price are back in the blockbuster sequel.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 screenshot
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 screenshot

The sixteen gladiatorial arenas which will house your personal campaign of streaks, sulks, and stories are all different shapes and sizes, but all are linked by a common design philosophy catering towards tight infantry combat. Dense contrasts between interiors and exteriors - forever a staple of the series - are more pronounced than ever, though instances of sprawling multi-storey warzones have been greatly reduced since last year's Black Ops. My favourite map, Dome, recalls fond memories of Call of Duty 4's Vacant, striking the right balance between claustrophobic right-angles, useful points of cover and manic warzones.

There's a heavy focus on assault rifles and submachine guns, and stalwart inclusions of the MP5 and M4A1 will mean almost everyone will immediately have access to a gun they instinctively know how to handle. The overall focus weaponry has been widened with some devastating shotguns (now a primary weapon once again) and brutal sniper rifles, though proficient usage of the latter will be reserved solely for those who can master the art of frequent movement and effective quick scoping.

Weapons now earn their own levels and experience points, unlocking attachments and proficiencies as you reach certain requirements. These essentially act as an additional perk (alongside the game's existing three-perk system, of course) that you can bolt onto your weapon, with the earliest available reducing weapon recoil and later options giving you things like increased range or extra bullet penetration.

As Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games work to give you more loadout customisation, the sheer bombardment of booming unlocks is so overwhelming during your first few hours that the notifications have to be tucked into the top right of the screen. The escalation of the game's reward structure ensures that daily, weekly and overall challenges are constantly dropping wads of XP alongside the resonant declarations of a rapidly increasing weapon rank and player level.

New to Modern Warfare 3 are the Kill Confirmed and Team Defender gametypes. The former is an entertaining extension to traditional Team Deathmatch play, requiring you to pick up a set of dogtags from each downed player to claim the score. You can also pick up allied tags to block the enemy team, giving the chaos of TDM a rigid backbone and tense moments as players use tags as bait. Team Defender, on the other hand, is a twist on Capture the Flag; there is one flag, and your team scores double when one of their players is holding it.

Neither mode is a particularly revolutionary or complex addition, but each offers a new spin on the familiar and gives more flexibility to online playlists. A few of Black Ops' entertaining Wager Match diversions - One in the Chamber and Gun Game - now find themselves shunted into Private Match alongside traditional King of the Hill and Infected gametypes, and Modern Warfare 3 now provides reams of modifiers and sharing options to let you fiddle with Private Match modes to your heart's content.

Whatever the mode, Modern Warfare 3 is a multiplayer game where it is not uncommon to kill four or five people in less than ten seconds when you hit a combined moment of luck, skill and Zen. Teamwork is often encouraged, and it would be impossible to do well as a lone wolf in modes such as Search & Destroy, but on the whole the tactical options are less diverse than in other shooters; killing and not being killed is almost always your best bet for overall success. This will essentially boil down to a matter of personal preference, but there's a raw and instinctive simplicity - shoot first and shoot fast - to Modern Warfare 3's portrayal of online encounters.

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User Comments

SnappyII's Avatar


This game is pretty awesome I am like an awesome sniper and the smg classes just make me better.
Posted 15:27 on 11 July 2012
Bloodstorm's Avatar


New review........7/10.

Since i'm on PC i'm stuck with it......forever and ever and ever....
Posted 13:49 on 21 January 2012
clangod's Avatar


So here I am. Very late to a follow up post, but now that I've played the main campaign I'm neither disappointed nor pleased with the game. Which is pretty much what I expected.

I enjoyed the majority. But all too often the plot line and story were far too cheesy (not an outright deal breaker) . Mix in the poor trigger points and progression then I was just frustrated. Bored even. The entertainment factor was huge but that's only because most of the time there's some spectacle unfolding on your screen. So, yeah. Wow for bits and pieces. Yawn for the rest.

Made another attempt at the multiplayer and I was surprised to feel that MW3 was a lot slower than B3. I don't have any special perks or anything happening. Some of this is due partly to the difference in player movement between the two. B3 certainly has some gravity to it, which I find immediately more enjoyable.

In any case enjoyable enough for the experience but nothing that I'll be going out of my way to play again. Nothing really new to offer, and a recipe that remains the same becomes bland.

So what did I like? Well, the campaign was enjoyable overall and the MP maps look great.
Posted 13:20 on 21 January 2012
draytone's Avatar


You've done it again Invalid! We need to get you a thread or something.

This is pure gold.

I tried quick scoping a real Barrett in Florida for LULZ.
Posted 15:24 on 09 November 2011
InvalidUser's Avatar

InvalidUser@ CheekyLee

My bile pile is for balancing alone. Two mediocre whack a mole SP campaigns, yet two very unbalanced reviews, one went AWOL with a focus on a marketing campaign. Funnily enough I read a product review for a product. So, Amazon it is.

This game is old, we are at the Tony Hawks stage, sure if you happy going through the motions it's a 10 no doubt. Learn the map, learn your runs, learn the spawns and you are soon king of the corridor shooter. I tried quick scoping a real Barrett in Florida for LULZ. COD4 was it's peak, this is tread water.

Past caring about scores, it's all arbitrary, nor a fanboy, both series have glowing flaws, only one seems to garner better PR management.

Map packs soon, with a slice of double XP, time to rejoice!!!
Posted 15:21 on 09 November 2011
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ draytone

There's no injustice here - I've played the Exfiltration co-op mission on BF3.
Posted 12:43 on 09 November 2011
draytone's Avatar


Because he gave an extra point to CoD. Apparently that number that appears at the end of the review has got him a tad angry. At least he is learning about the injustices of life.
Posted 11:41 on 09 November 2011
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ InvalidUser

I get all that you say there, and am giving you a TU purely for the "Journo Pro perk" comment, but want to point out that you are aiming at the wrong target here. I am no CoD fanboy myself, but wonder why your bile is so focussed on Mr. Garstang?
Posted 11:26 on 09 November 2011
clangod's Avatar


Will be borrowing from a friend to play through the campaign. Most probably months from now.

I never did plan on buying MW3 and rightly so given my affinity with the competition. I will gladly pass on this with all the other great games coming out which I find far more interesting.

Apart from that, I just don't need another FPS in my life right now. I saved the world from a nuclear attack just over a week ago.
Posted 01:24 on 09 November 2011
RSHunter's Avatar


Well, it sure has been a while.
I must preface this by saying that I've been saving my pennies for a long time now in anticipation of the releases due out now.
Good review but I just can't get excited about it. I was going to make this a rental but went and bought it today on a whim. It's OK but having played BF3 for the last week I can see that I should have stuck with the original idea. Sure it's fast paced and frantic but it just doesn't feel right and to be honest it feels a little cheap in places. MW2 got me hooked on the COD series. This has firmly planted me with Battlefield.
Each to their own I guess.

PS, hope all you regulars are doing good.
Posted 00:08 on 09 November 2011
altaranga's Avatar


It was a nice review. Currently toying with the idea of using the last of my trade-in credit to buy this or... not. Happy with BF3 multiplayer at the moment, though. I'll probably pick this up when I get bored of sitting on the fence.
Posted 23:08 on 08 November 2011
draytone's Avatar


I loved this line.

I'm just an armchair Battlefield/COD observer, I don't have the Journo Pro perk.

Journo Pro perk? That's brilliant :D
Posted 17:34 on 08 November 2011
draytone's Avatar


No surprise... COD for your single player then when that wears thin move over to BF3 to fly some jets into people. It's a rental for me. I was stung after buying Black Ops.
Posted 17:32 on 08 November 2011
oksftw's Avatar


the whole game is copy and paste, even comparing it to bf3 is laughable
Posted 17:07 on 08 November 2011
Woffls's Avatar

Woffls@ InvalidUser

I've no idea what your point was either. You must have transcended the conversation with your infallible logic and enlightened perspective. Well done.
Posted 13:55 on 08 November 2011

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
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