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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Preview for PS3

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 screenshot
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 screenshot

And you shoot them, obviously. After bashing a few dozen tanks, choppers, and infantry units, you're given the all-clear to fire on an occupied building near the US embassy - a few shells and the entire structure tumbles down by way of another lavish scripted sequence.

Then you've got to cover Delta Force, currently boxed in enemy forces. As you fire this missile, the camera tracks the bullet and you take control of Frost; you are literally blasting yourself into another character, which is a nice little cinematic trick.

Back on the ground, the game has you moving through the corridors of the US embassy and into a courtyard occupied by enemy forces. It's a moment of counter-sniping after a traditional corridor rush, before moving into a sequence where you throw purple smoke to highlight targets for the AC-130 in the sky. When the bombs come down, you can actually see the destructive potency of the flying war machine and, yeesh, that thing causes some serious damage.

Many people have pointed out that the ageing engine powering Modern Warfare 3 is starting to show its age, and it's hard to disagree when you stack the game against a PC running of Battlefield 3. At the same time, though, its strengths are clearly noticeable - the big-budget mix of booming audio, silky smooth 60fps, and heavily tailored level design certainly does have a certain, how shall we say it, je ne sais quoi.

The demo was a carefully plucked cross-section of the game, showing a few snippets of the campaign but purposefully withholding what's actually going on. I've seen the game a few times now and I couldn't actually tell you what's happening, other than that a lot of stuff explodes and it looks pretty exciting. We won't be able to see how well Modern Warfare 3 works as a whole for a few weeks, but at this stage I find myself very optimistic.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on November 8.

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I think I will end up buying this game to jump on the online aspect of the bandwagon. However, I will continue my Call Of Duty Veteran run, which is where I start the SP game on Veteran and finish it, thus sweeping anything else on a lower difficulty afterwards. Great satisfaction once these games have been accomplished on Veteran difficulty, even though Treyarch & Inifinity Ward like to throw enemy & enemy at you, if you don't proceed onwards.

CoD Elite? I may give it ago, I may well not. It all depends on player feedback and sites covering such a thing, that will infulence my purchase or not. Even though I did state when the first news was posted on the sub price, I will admit, I was very, very sceptical. Again, comes down to the service and content, plus security. Seeing as CoD is "the" biggest game if you want to say that is launching this year. The fear of hackers, hacking CoD Elite will always be at the back of the mind, due to the popularity and for the *****s & giggles that the hackers will enjoy.

Nonetheless I may give this some condsideration to get it on release day, but I very much doubt, as a 3DS is very likely to happen this November for me.
Posted 16:24 on 10 October 2011
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The game is stale, the game is old.
Posted 14:33 on 10 October 2011

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