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The sequel to the multi-million selling FPS.

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Clever use of plasmids is key to survival
Clever use of plasmids is key to survival

Clever use of plasmids is key to survival

This mechanic adds a new element to BioShock's gameplay. Rather than just setting her down and hoping for the best, it pays to prepare the area, laying traps with your rivet gun, placing proximity mines, setting up turrets, and stocking up on eve hypos and health kits. Once you've set the place up like Fort Knox it's time to think about your mode of attack. With your little sister out in the open the splicers start to arrive, but clever use of plasmids such as Hypnosis (turning your enemies against their evil allies) will give you the upper hand. These fights eclipse anything seen in the original and promote smart thinking over Rambo tactics. They'll test your use of plasmids to its limit and no two players will approach things in exactly the same way.

On top of this, the game's menacing new foes, the big sisters, make regular appearances when you save the little sisters. It pays to make sure you're ready for these encounters, too, with her fast attacks being far more deadly than those of the more lumbering standard big daddies. When one appears it's a heart-stopping moment, panic starting to set in the instant the screen shakes and a scream pierces your ear drums. Rapture won't be as creepy on your second visit (despite the new locations), and the splicers shock less this time around, but it's still a terrifying game that will get your heart pounding.

Gladly the game manages to sustain its pace throughout and doesn't come a cropper to a dumb ending, that for many tarnished the original. There are some spectacular set-pieces along the way, the odd moral choice to make and a few twists, but the story isn't as interesting or clever as that of the first game. It's not a bad plot by any stretch of the imagination, but it simply doesn't spark the same reaction as the one that featured Andrew Ryan and co. In the end BioShock 2 is a game with much improved combat, and more memorable confrontations, rather than standout characters and plot twists.

Back in 2007 the water-ravaged city of Rapture looked amazing. Today, its style and design still impresses, but the Unreal powered visuals are starting to show their age. The water still looks great (although the barely worth mentioning underwater sequences aren't a highlight), but the enemies are quite rough (not in an intentionally grim way) and a few of the effects - notably ice and spilt gasoline - are quite dated and fake looking. No such complaints can be levelled at the audio work, with the soundtrack and voice acting (heard in face to face encounters and in numerous audio logs) being a class above most of the competition.

Little sisters once again play a major role in the game's storyline and gameplay

Little sisters once again play a major role in the game's storyline and gameplay

Token multiplayer modes are barely worth the space given to them on the back of the box. With gamers knowing what they like (Modern Warfare 2, mainly) it often just doesn't seem worth the effort to put together a lacklustre online deathmatch mode. Having been fully prepared for the same with BioShock 2, it's with great surprise that I say, what 2K and multiplayer dev Digital Extremes has done here is really rather excellent. With a levelling up system similar to that found in (you guessed it) Modern Warfare, you'll gradually get access to better weapons, plasmids and tonics, all of which let you customise your character as you see fit. With the multiplayer mode set some years before the original game, there's even a smattering of story told through playing online, which will give hardcore fans another reason to invest time. It must be said that I've only tested the Xbox 360 version online during the course of four hours of play time, but with team and standard solo game types on offer, BioShock 2's multiplayer certainly seems to offer something worth sinking your teeth into.

In many ways BioShock 2 is a game about refinements, rather than wholesale changes. Combat is better, thanks to the dual wielding, better enemy variety and larger scale encounters; hacking has been simplified, now making use of a timing-based button pressing mechanic that fits far better than the tubes seen in the previous game; and replay value has been enhanced by the sheer number of ways you can customise your character through use of Adam and upgrade stations. The game's finale appears to have benefited from the criticism levelled at the first game, and there's even a far better than expected multiplayer mode; one that is more likely to keep you away from Modern Warfare 2 than almost every other multiplayer FPS released in the last six months, simply because it's something a bit different. If 2K had managed to tell a story that equalled or bettered that found in the original, we'd have been left with an unquestionably better experience, rather than just a more exciting, smarter shooter.

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User Comments

EISPower's Avatar


Posted 10:10 on 13 March 2011
bigalmkal's Avatar


av only played the game for a couple of hours but my god do I luv it!!!!
Posted 02:56 on 10 February 2010
RecoN's Avatar


It arrived at lunch. :) it's absolutely a real gem, the presentation of the box etc is beautiful!
Posted 16:33 on 09 February 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Oooo, Tom loves a bit of Bioshock.
I think it sounds awesome, just not my sort of thing.
Posted 10:27 on 09 February 2010
Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar

Stegosaurus-Guy-II@ chelskiboy247

Yeah same.
Posted 20:34 on 08 February 2010
Rickitis's Avatar

Rickitis@ Wido

Its set a decade after the events of BioShock - you are a big daddy one of the first of its kind which is reactivated with no recollection of the past decade's events. - Wasnt sure if thats what you meant? Anyway thats how I understand it with a little help from Wiki :)
Posted 20:14 on 08 February 2010
Wido's Avatar


An enjoyable read Tom and a superb review. have dispatched my copy of the game for £29.95. Quite happy with the price front to be honest.

Hmmm. I'm quite interested in the plot to be honest. Because your a 'prototype' big daddy? 10 years before there was Big Daddy's roaming around rapture, so from that point of view will be interesting and the Big Sisters.
Posted 19:22 on 08 February 2010
chelskiboy247's Avatar


Awesome, can't wait for this. I'll hopefully get it as my MOTM prize.
Posted 19:18 on 08 February 2010
Karlius's Avatar


Great Review thoroughly enjoyed the read. I can't wait to get this.
Posted 19:05 on 08 February 2010
RecoN's Avatar


LOL somebody is jealous XD
Posted 17:55 on 08 February 2010
Rickitis's Avatar


Under the first pic 'New enemies makes BioShock 2 a more exciting FPS than its predecessor' shouldnt it be make?

Nice review Tom, I cant wait to play this :)
Posted 17:25 on 08 February 2010
RecoN's Avatar


OMG! what i get a thumbs down for? :O 39.99 is a bargain! Compared to the console version priced around 60.00
Posted 17:24 on 08 February 2010
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


Wow thanks Tom, definetely getting this :D
Posted 17:17 on 08 February 2010
RecoN's Avatar


Wicked Review! cant wait until tomoz! I got the Collectors PC version for a bargain 39.99!
Posted 17:05 on 08 February 2010

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BioShock 2
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BioShock 2
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  • Plot isn't as clever as that in the first game
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