BioShock screenshot
BioShock screenshot

The PlayStation 3 version of BioShock Infinite does not include a copy of the original BioShock outside of North America, publisher 2K Games has told

"I can confirm that the PS3 version of BioShock Infinite in North America contains a copy of the original BioShock," a 2K Games spokesperson told us. "This is not the case in UK as it's a local promotion in North America."

2K announced earlier in the year that the PS3 version of BioShock Infinite would include a copy of the 2007 original on the Blu-ray disc.

At the time, the publisher did not confirm whether the promotion would be available outside the US.

The North American box art, pictured below, advertises the promotion prominently.

It is not known whether UK buyers will be given an equivalent bonus.

BioShock Infinite launches globally on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on February 26.

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Source: 2K Games

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User Comments

EverTheOptimist's Avatar

EverTheOptimist@ dav2612

Winner winner chicken dinner!
Posted 13:19 on 29 March 2013
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ EverTheOptimist

My Bioshock Infinite pre-order came with a code for the original.
Posted 10:53 on 29 March 2013
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


Can't you pick up Bioshock for around a fiver anyway? It's a shame but I'm not sure it's a dealbreaker.
Posted 10:47 on 29 March 2013
playstation4's Avatar


Great article to hopefully a greater game. How the review is laced with spoilers is beyond me, I'm afraid.

To illustrate the subtle nuances of the game and plot is not to ruin a game - it is to acknowledge the worth it has to offer. In blunt terms, was frogger spoiled by knowing that it's about a frog crossing a road? Is Bioshock Infinite spoiled by knowing it's punctuated by moments of insight of the world in which we and our progenitors inhabit and inhabited?
Posted 10:31 on 29 March 2013
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


Bloody Colonials!
Posted 03:16 on 05 December 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


It's gonna be a rental for me or catch up later in the year anyway but I hate it when they don't give you the offer outside America etc.

May as well not bother with it.
Posted 12:08 on 04 December 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


Can't say I'm feeling as much desire for this title as I did the original... even though the setting looks like it could be fantastic. Here's hoping it is a little more open than Rapture was...
Posted 12:03 on 04 December 2012
dudester's Avatar


I think this going to end up a massive marmite game!
Posted 11:42 on 04 December 2012


I'd prefer a copy of BioShock than Move compatibility.
Posted 11:40 on 04 December 2012

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