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Beyond: Two Souls: Launch Trailer

David Cage's paranormal adventure launches this Friday.

Publish date Oct 8

Beyond: Two Souls: Beyond: Two Souls - How does it play?

Simon and Dave investigate how David Cage's latest game actually plays. Contains mild spoilers.

Publish date Oct 7

Beyond: Two Souls: Making Of – Gameplay

Hear from writer/director David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream on what Beyond will be like to play.

Publish date Jul 23 2013

Beyond: Two Souls: Making Of - The Origins

Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe discuss their work on David Cage's upcoming interactive drama.

Publish date Jul 9 2013

Beyond: Two Souls: E3 2013 Trailer

Quantic Dream may have shown off a PS4 tech demo, but Beyond is still looking great.

Publish date Jun 11 2013

Beyond: Two Souls: Tribeca Trailer

Debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, Beyond's latest trailer reveals more about the life - and death - of Jodie Holmes.

Publish date Apr 28 2013

Beyond: Two Souls: Willem Dafoe Reveal Trailer

Willem Dafoe joins the cast of the promising Beyond: Two Souls, the next project of the studio Quantic Dream.

Publish date Mar 1 2013

Beyond: Two Souls: Willem Dafoe Behind The Scenes

Watch the Willem Dafoe behind the scenes video diary and see the Willem Dafoe describe his incredible experience performing in BEYOND: Two Souls.

Publish date Mar 1 2013

Beyond: Two Souls: TGS 2012 - Trailer

David Cage presents his new baby to the Japanese public.

Publish date Sep 20 2012

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Release Date: 11/10/2013
Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: SCEE
Genre: Adventure
Rating: PEGI 16+
Site Rank: 726
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