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Next game in the Battlefield series, which is said to offer the best single-player experience of any Battlefield game to date.

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Bad Company offers solid single-player and brilliant multiplayer gaming
Bad Company offers solid single-player and brilliant multiplayer gaming

Bad Company offers solid single-player and brilliant multiplayer gaming

As video games become increasingly more realistic our expectations grow. Take Battlefield Bad Company for example. You can totally destroy the side of a building, yet you can't take the whole building down, and that makes us disappointed. For as technically impressive as Bad Company is, we wanted more. That doesn't stop it from being the first excellent single-player game in the Battlefield series. It's an enjoyable, action packed and explosive campaign, and bolstered by some excellent multiplayer, but how does it stack up to current favourite Call of Duty 4?

Bad Company casts you as the newest member of a four-man squad, expectedly named Bad Company. After a very short journey on the back of a truck all hell breaks loose and you're in the thick of action. Although level based, with the action moving from one location to another via load screens, each level is large and set in a fully explorable mini open world. Objective locations are fixed but how you approach each situation is up to you, allowing you to manoeuvre around the side of a target or take it head on.

Soon enough doing the right thing goes out of the window, with a huge amount of gold being the new reason to keep fighting. The storyline touches on serious issues but for the most part veers towards the comedy side of the fence, with team mates often making jokes and the sense of danger never as strong as you might expect. The action is often pretty intense and death will occur frequently, but at every possible opportunity the tension is lowered by a one liner.

What also helps make Bad Company feel very different to the impending doom of Call of Duty 4 is how death doesn't mean you're thrown back to a checkpoint. If you fail to complete a time sensitive objective then there's no option but to restart, but death at any other time will simply see you re-spawn at the last save point, with the action continuing from where it left off. It's reminiscent of the Vital Chambers in BioShock and, although lessening the difficulty somewhat, makes for a game that never gets bogged down.

Death isn't a problem in Bad Company

Death isn't a problem in Bad Company

Of course, dying is still annoying, especially if you've got a trek to get back in the middle of the action, so it's essential that you stay on top of your health. Throughout the game you have unlimited use of a health pack injector, restoring you to full health anywhere on the battlefield. Its use is restricted somewhat by a recharge time, so it's impossible to rely entirely on it, but before too long you'll have mastered the ability to select it, inject, and then switch back to your main weapon.

Speaking of weapons, Bad Company features quite a few, although you can only carry one primary set and a secondary weapon. Your primary set is often a machine gun that also doubles as grenade launcher (ideal for blowing holes in buildings), but you'll get access to a Sniper rifle and handgun combo, or automatic weapon and grenade combo. Your secondary weapon usually depends on the situation. At times you'll be carrying an RPG or C4 charges, but at other times you can take a more distant approach and mark a target for an air strike. There is certainly no shortage of variety in Bad Company.

Being a Battlefield game vehicles obviously play a big part too, although it's slightly disappointing that for the most part you can't take the gunner position. It's not that the game doesn't allow it (you can easily switch seats) but that your team mates don't take over the driving, making you a sitting duck. One section of the game features a lengthy helicopter section (which thankfully lets you fly and shoot at the same time), but other than that you're mainly restricted to driving, be it a jeep, truck or boat.

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Pathetic's Avatar
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These are just a bunch of idiots, they can't get a few simple controls down so they give it a bad review. Also they have made a lot of comparisons to COD4, and you wonder if they were bribed.
Posted 03:10 on 24 June 2008
warrior's Avatar
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ok ok i understand that its a military shooter but genrally i think that when reviewing a game you should try to be less biased. reffering to Call Of Duty 4 so much in this review made me totally discredit it as a review and i found it a rather sketchy and useless review
Posted 22:11 on 23 June 2008
lucas38's Avatar


although I can do without all the cheesy dialogue, this may be a good game. I still play BF2MC on the 360, and it plays well without the cutesy comments from the characters/\.
Posted 21:29 on 23 June 2008
KennyWu1005's Avatar
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they say it lacks co op but so does COD4 so I dont see what the problem
Posted 20:12 on 23 June 2008
Dinks98's Avatar
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Yeah I think they mean the auto-aim isn't as generous as COD4 when they say twitchy. At least the game feels more next-gen and has moved away from the over abundance of scripted sequences that COD4 relied upon, MOre games should be sand-box style with radical AI protocols like Halo 3 and battlefield BC...apart from the film-grain effect I love it, oh and lack of co-op..that sucks
Posted 18:52 on 23 June 2008
egonpax's Avatar
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"Scores are out of 10. Overall score is not an average of the sub-scores."
Posted 18:52 on 23 June 2008
activeseven's Avatar
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activeseven gave it an 8, 9 and a 10.

8+9+10 = 27
27 / 3 = 9

How exactly did you arrive at the final score of 8?
Posted 18:36 on 23 June 2008
dave's Avatar
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im looking forward to getting this game im not sure if its as good as call of duty 4 or halo 3 but it looks good
Posted 16:13 on 23 June 2008
doobi's Avatar
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Yeah, I don't know what you mean by twitchy. It doesn't have that "snap to" that Cod4 does in SP, but I find the controls excellent, the unique take on the button layout took a few seconds to get my head around but it really makes sense.
Posted 12:08 on 23 June 2008
True War's Avatar
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True War

Twitchy Controls - try the options COD4 i admit has good guns apart from the noob p90 but its just about to get owned!!!
Posted 10:59 on 23 June 2008

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Battlefield: Bad Company
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Battlefield: Bad Company
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