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In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the 'B' company fight their way through snowy mountaintops, dense jungles and dusty villages.

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BC2 has everything you'd want from an FPS
BC2 has everything you'd want from an FPS

BC2 has everything you'd want from an FPS

It's no secret that EA wants its own Modern Warfare, but in recent years the mega publisher has struggled to put together a game that can shift units in numbers even approaching what Activision's series has. In DICE, the Swedish studio behind the Battlefield series, EA has a development team more than up to the job, and its latest effort, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, is without a doubt the best modern combat FPS the publisher has ever produced. If you've been wondering what game could possibly take players away from online MW2, look no further.

2008's Bad Company did a lot right. It featured some great open environments, impressive production values and a tight, if somewhat limited multiplayer mode. It didn't quite feel like the complete package, though, with the campaign at times feeling like an afterthought and the multiplayer severely lacking game modes. This sequel, which once again follows the four-man Bad Company unit, builds on its predecessor all across the board, delivering an excellent single-player campaign, incredible audio and visual work, and a multiplayer component that is top of its class.

Bad Company 2 casts you as soldier Preston Marlowe, and you're joined by the other three members of Bad Company that fought alongside you in the first game. The story, which follows you as you try to recover a deadly WMD before the Russians get their hands on it, takes you from tropical jungles and baking hot deserts, to frozen villages and wide open countryside. The guys in the team are likable enough, and there's an attempt to build up some kind of camaraderie, but it's hard to see them as real people. The frequent one-liners are occasionally amusing, but often jar against the non-stop violence.

So what's changed here to make the campaign a more essential experience than that in the original game? Levels remain largely quite open, but there's definitely been some attention paid to tunnelling you through to make sure you don't wander about aimlessly. Gone is the re-spawn and health pack system of the first game (which made the campaign feel too similar to a multiplayer match), replaced with more standard checkpoints and recharging health. In comes mid-mission weapons load-out changing (via supply crates), less twitchy aiming (which made targeting enemies quite awkward in the original game) and an onslaught of memorable battles.

While the original game featured plenty of action, it didn't come close to the frequent chaos that this sequel bombards you with. Time and time again you'll be facing off against enemy troops, heavily outnumbered, with buildings blowing up all around you, attack gunships in the air and RPGs narrowly missing your face. In terms of set pieces, Bad Company 2 doesn't reach Modern Warfare levels, but it feels less scripted as a result - not that there aren't some stunning moments scattered throughout the campaign.

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y2rich's Avatar


The SP is very short but benefits massively from it. I wouldn't want a longer campaign if it just meant replaying the same type of gameplay over and over. Took me about 5 hours start to finish on Normal and there was only one bit I struggled to get through. In my opinion the Campaign and MP are miles better in BC2 than in MW2.
Posted 11:31 on 06 March 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ dazzadavie

I've noticed that when you fire the unscoped sniper rifle the bullet leaves a trail that hangs in the air and doesn't go away for a while. Quite annoying, the tearing is quite bad but I expected it after reading the Digital Foundry analysis/face-off article.

I am really really impressed with the gameplay and destructible environments. So far I'd say it's much better than MW2.
Posted 21:00 on 05 March 2010
dazzadavie's Avatar

dazzadavie@ El-Dev

Agreed, I seem to get a lot of tearing
Posted 20:52 on 05 March 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


Played the first couple of levels of this and I'm really impressed. Few graphical issues and the grenades are rubbish but the gameplay is excellent!
Posted 20:51 on 05 March 2010
guyderman's Avatar


Started playing the SP campaign last night and have to say that I think it is a cracking game, looks nice and handles really well - I haven't tried the MP yet.
Posted 14:37 on 05 March 2010
Paralex's Avatar


MW2's multiplayer was designed for quick matches and intense gameplay. I don't think you can compare it to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. They are totally different in style and aesthetic. It probably just goes down to what you look for as a gamer. Do you like more tactical gameplay or do you like a more intense matches? I like to have a mixture of both which is why I'm a fan of both games.
Posted 14:29 on 05 March 2010
Enkeixpress's Avatar


I will have this game on Thursday! :)
Posted 03:16 on 03 March 2010
clangod's Avatar


I can't expect mine until 10th March at the earliest. I'm a bit pissed at the delay from the 4th but oh well.

I guess for the choice of those two games Wido it's a no brainer for me but only because I don't really play RPG's. I prefer to launch them lol. I know what you mean by too many FPS's but I've avoided MW2 for a while and extensive demo time just psyched me up even more. I'm a kid in a candy store at Christmas who's discovered the new sliced bread!
Posted 21:56 on 02 March 2010
dazzadavie's Avatar


Great review Tom, I love the Battlefield games always have, love DICE even more there games always seem to have a high production value. My copy of BF:BC2 is in the post and I can't wait for it to get here!
Posted 21:22 on 02 March 2010
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ clangod

Its very tempting God. I have too many FPS which I would like to avoid for a little bit, though BC2 is too damn awesome to miss out! :lol:
Posted 21:10 on 02 March 2010
ghostdog25's Avatar


If yall gave MW2 a 10... this should have gotten a 12.
Posted 20:58 on 02 March 2010
clangod's Avatar


Buy the beast Wido :)
Posted 20:04 on 02 March 2010
Wido's Avatar


Awesome review Tom.

Bah! The review has obviously made me re-think whether to get White Knight Chronicles now because of this beast!
Posted 19:21 on 02 March 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


I wanted this to do really well :D
This is a stunning review Tom, and although I won;t be buying it,
I know a hell of lot of people will :)
Posted 19:12 on 02 March 2010
clangod's Avatar


Thanks for the excellent review Tom. I'm looking forward to the SP but the multiplayer demo sold me. I'd buy it for that alone.

I'm convinced it's a MW2 killer in every way.
Posted 19:06 on 02 March 2010

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2
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