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In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the 'B' company fight their way through snowy mountaintops, dense jungles and dusty villages.

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DICE has produced a game with superb audio and visuals
DICE has produced a game with superb audio and visuals

DICE has produced a game with superb audio and visuals

No Battlefield game would be complete without vehicles to drive, and Bad Company 2 features plenty. You don't always get to take full control, with the chopper sections limited to on-rails shooting, but these sequences are always hugely exciting. One chase sequence in which you're driving a Jeep while also firing rounds off at pursuing enemies is a real highlight, while simply bombing across an undulating desert is fun in of itself. There is an annoying tank sequence mid-way through the campaign that fails to be even remotely fun, but on the whole the vehicles are handled very well, with DICE wisely choosing to put you in the passenger's seat from time to time.

Destruction more or less defined the original Bad Company, and even though THQ's Red Faction Guerrilla has now taken the technology to another level, blowing a hole in a building is still hugely satisfying. Buildings don't crumble like they do in Guerrilla, but the effect of debris flying through the air after an RPG strike on an enemy hut is unquestionably impressive. It's not all about visual flair either, with the destruction forming an essential part of your attack strategy - take out enemies by levelling buildings they're hiding in or destroy a bridge to block their attempted attack. One particularly chilly sequence sees you running from building to building to find warmth, and an RPG to a wall will save you having to find a door.

This would count for nought if you didn't have the right tools for the job, but thankfully there are a ton of weapons for you to get your hands on. You can only carry two at a time, along with grenades, but supply crates are dotted about fairly frequently and allow you to change your load-out. I tended to go with a scoped assault rifle along with either a sniper rifle or RPG, but the choice is yours. Your team mates will help out, but they're hardly crack shots. While you don't want them to take out all the enemies on their own, at times you'll see them shooting round after round at an enemy, until you have to step in and take the shot yourself.

Depending on the difficulty level and how many collectables you go after, the 13-level campaign will take anywhere from six to 10 hours to complete. It doesn't feel short, but it's not an epic adventure either. The end credits aren't the end of the game, though, with the multiplayer component likely to be where most gamers will get their money's worth. With four game modes, 10 maps (as long as you enter a VIP code), a maximum of 24 players, squad mechanics, weapon and player ranking, four classes and individual specialisations, this is a multiplayer experience that rivals that in Modern Warfare 2.

Rush, the attack or defend game mode seen in the original Bad Company, returns, but is joined by Conquest, another large-scale game type. Whereas Rush features a number of crates that need to be detonated (with you either working to blow them up or to stop the opposition from doing so), Conquest is all about controlling territory. Both these game modes allow for the maximum 24 players and are the best if you want to use vehicles such as the tanks and choppers. While 12-player teams might seem daunting for some, the new squad mechanic means you can join up with three other players and work together, even spawning into squad mate locations.

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Highwayman's Avatar


One of a small list of console ports that were done properly for the PC Dx11 generation, without a doubt one of the best FPS on the PC, COD Black Ops pales in comparison and that's a whole year newer!
Posted 17:57 on 28 November 2010
Techdex's Avatar


Overall i'd say that this puts MW2 into second place. The single player campaign is more enjoyable mainly due to the storyline and interesting characters. The multiplayer has a definite emphasis on strategy allowing snipers to actually snipe from distance due to the large size of the maps. It's also a bonus not having the killstreak rewards that are in MW2 which can be a real pain. BC2 is king of the FPS for now.
Posted 19:31 on 19 April 2010
scaz2244's Avatar


still sceptical is the single player that bad coz im sold about multiplayer but iwant a gd single player aswell
Posted 01:27 on 30 March 2010
clangod's Avatar


I may have been a little hasty with my earlier comment. I have just noticed that the balance has been processed on my credit report. It should be shipped today. Now just waiting on the confirmation email. Game on come Thursday yay.
Posted 02:06 on 09 March 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ Bloodstorm

It's nothing that bad, it was something about sending some special forces guy with a heartbeat sensor on his gun instead of a real soldier or something along those lines. Pretty obvious what they meant though.
Posted 23:28 on 08 March 2010
clangod's Avatar


This is meant to be released for PS3 here in Australia on March 11. It's bad enough that it was delayed but I am still yet to recieve an email confirming shipment from EB. Including today, that's only 3 days away and it would take that long to get here. Chances are I'm going to have to wait even longer. What a load of bollocks!!!

Excuse me but I've been really looking forward to BC2.
Posted 23:23 on 08 March 2010
Bloodstorm's Avatar

Bloodstorm@ El-Dev

Oh? What was said?
Posted 15:23 on 08 March 2010
xboxlive's Avatar

xboxlive@ dazzadavie

i put the code in the day i had the game,now for some reson i aint a VIP no more! and it looks like EA aint looking in to any of it,as i have sent them 2emails,been sending them loads of tiwtters,and started up a topic on the bfbc2 fourms,and i have had no replys etc etc.
Posted 15:06 on 08 March 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


I've noticed a couple of digs at MW2, the jibe about heartbeat sensors on the guns made me chuckle.
Posted 10:40 on 08 March 2010
dazzadavie's Avatar

dazzadavie@ xboxlive

they've taken it away?
Posted 10:08 on 08 March 2010
xboxlive's Avatar


I Aint started the SP yet i have been so hocked on the MP :) but i wish that EA would gave me back my VIP.
Posted 09:09 on 08 March 2010
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ y2rich

Agree with y2rich - very short campaign - but it is a riot start to finish. The scripting made me laugh with the 'snowmobiles are for sissies' comment.

I played it straight through on Hard as I had heard it was a short campaign and even that only took about 6 hours to complete.
Posted 08:17 on 08 March 2010
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


How did i miss this review? Nice one Tom :) will consider this!
Posted 11:00 on 07 March 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ dazzadavie

Posted 10:54 on 07 March 2010
dazzadavie's Avatar

dazzadavie@ El-Dev

Any chance of a link El-Dev to that article?
Posted 09:11 on 07 March 2010

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