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Backbreaker is the first football game with truly interactive tackles. By utilizing our motion synthesis engine, euphoria, players will never make the same tackle twice.

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Backbreaker screenshot
Backbreaker screenshot

The controls take a while to get used to: initially they're bewildering, even with the aid of the unhelpful tutorial. Holding the left trigger puts your player in what's called Focus Mode. It's hard to work out what effect this has on the game, but it feels as if it helps in some way. When controlling the quarterback, for example, focusing during a play seems to increase the likelihood of accurately throwing the ball (with a flick forward of the right thumb stick). When you finally wrap your head around the controls, playing on offence doesn't get any easier. Even on the normal difficulty, I struggled to land passes or run more than five yards. I've never played an American Football game in which interceptions and negative gains are more common than they are in Backbreaker. I found running the ball the first two plays was my only option, then, when forced to pass, praying not to be picked off. In Backbreaker, throwing the ball is an exercise in frustration.

The upshot of this is that each match feels like a slog. In Madden, points scoring often borders on the ridiculous. Backbreaker plays a grittier, dour and slower - quite a lot slower, there's no sprint button - game. This is American Football the old fashioned way: running the ball hard, tackling harder and only airing it out when all else fails.

Some will think it terribly boring to run the ball so often. But, thankfully, running the ball in Backbreaker's quite good, and benefits from a clever stance system that adds strategy to what would otherwise be a simple case of powering forward and waiting for a tackle. There are two stances: normal and aggressive. When in normal stance flicks of the right stick trigger spins and jukes and other fancy skill moves. When in aggressive mode, the same stick triggers more powerful moves, like shoulder charging, stiff arming and protecting the ball. The skill is in switching between the two stances and, thus, the two move sets when it's most appropriate.

Backbreaker's running game is so good NaturalMotion made a mini-game out of it. Tackle Alley sees you control one lonesome back that needs to battle though increasingly difficult waves of tacklers to reach the end zone. It's great fun - the early waves are easy enough to pass, but soon you're faced with loads of defenders, and you have to combo jukes and stiff arms and all the rest to get through. At the end of each wave you're awarded points for the moves you use, where in the end zone you end up and showboating. Playing Tackle Alley online is probably what you'll spend most of your time doing with the game.

Which is Backbreaker's biggest problem. Outside of exhibition mode, online play, a league and what's called Road to Backbreaker, Backbreaker's version of Pro Evolution Soccer's Master League, there's not much else to do. You can create your own teams, design their logos (with a hard to navigate creation tool) and use them in the league modes, but you can't use them online. Put simply, when it comes to having stuff to do, EA's Madden wins.

Backbreaker screenshot

And EA also wins when it comes to authenticity. Gameplay rules, of course, but having all of the real player and team names adds a lot to the experience. In Backbreaker, every team and every player is fictional. It's not like in PES, where the player names are real but the teams aren't. Here, nothing's real. So it's hard to associate yourself with a particular franchise.

The cold, harsh truth is that Backbreaker feels like a Euphoria tech demo. It comes as no surprise to learn that the game was once designed as a downloadable title to showcase NaturalMotion's clever physics skills. Perhaps it should have remained as such. This is no Madden killer, as some have billed it. But it's a clever game. Backbreaker won't leave EA sweating, but it will do well to learn from it.

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clangod's Avatar


I've been keen to see how this turned out myself. I too will probably still pick it up. With any luck though by the time I decide to do so I can get a bargain somewhere.
Posted 22:53 on 03 June 2010
y2rich's Avatar


I'll still get it but they really need to fix the passing game and include a Madden style camera.
Posted 13:32 on 03 June 2010

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  • Camera frustrates
  • Passing is incredibly difficult
  • Not much to do
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