xbox 360 slim real -
xbox 360 slim real -

Microsoft won the November home console battle in the US, shifting 1.26 million units of its Xbox 360 console, which according to Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg is almost double the figure achieved by any other console.

This suggests the PS3 sold something in excess of 630,000 units, although Sony hasn't released an official figure. Meanwhile Nintendo shifted 1.75 million hardware units: 420,000 Wiis, 425,000 Wii Us, 540,000 Nintendo 3DSs and 370,000 Nintendo DSs.

Wii U's November tally came 50,000 units short of the figure achieved by the Wii back at its launch.

While Xbox 360 sales are down 25.9 per cent over November 2011, November 2012 becomes the third best month for the Xbox 360, behind 2011's 1.7 million and 2010's 1.37 million units.

According to Gamasutra, Black Ops 2 sold 7.4 million copies on its way to claiming the software top spot, although this figure represents only Xbox 360 (4.5 million) and PS3 (2.9 million). On the same platforms (but with a week of extra sales data) unit sales of earlier games in the franchise were 8.8 million Modern Warfare 3, 8 million Black Ops, and 6.1 million Modern Warfare 2.

Halo 4 charted at No.2 with 3.2 million copies, followed by Assassin's Creed 3 (2.9 million), Just Dance 4, Madden NFL 13 and Skylanders Giants. NFS Most Wanted is at No.7 with 509,000 copies sold.

Source: Press releases | NPD | GamesIndustry

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dudester's Avatar


Something sells in america quick shout from the rooftops!
Posted 17:23 on 07 December 2012
DancingRhino's Avatar


Face it. Wii U is a disaster. It's crashed and burned. Sell them off quick, I'll give you half price for yours, best offer you'll get.

Na, I can see 360s selling well for a while, even after nextbox and ps4, similar to the ps2.
Posted 15:21 on 07 December 2012


Just seems like abit of posturing by Aaron Goldberg; surely you would expect Xbox to get a boost with it's biggest exclusive getting a new release; as-well as some of the cheap Xbox bundles about which would indicate they are further along in the product life cycle than PS3.

Wii U doesn't appear to be doing badly to say they're still in the introduction phase, just hope its gets picked up more by the mainstream before it gets stuck between the current generations cheap options and next years expensive but advanced products.
Posted 15:13 on 07 December 2012
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ Wido

Couldn't say it better. I'm fine with people who have valid reasons not to want the Wii U. I own one and I can think of a few just dew to others personal preferences, and am totally willing to dabate over views. It's just the trolling, back handed comments, and badly thought out points/ arguements that annoy me.

Also, let's set out the facts. Xbox 360 sold 1.2mill units between Nov 1st and Nov 30th. Wii U sold 425K between Nov 18th and Nov 30th (half the time perod any other platform had). Xbox 360 having been out for years will have had crazy discount prices on black friday. Wii U having just come will of had it's fairly high launch price.

I would of thought that it would be a bad sign for any current platform out to beaten in sales by a newer, more expensive, console in half the sales period, which is why it should be a surprise that PS3 and 360 sold more this month. Didn't the PS2 out sell the PS3 for a while?
Posted 13:16 on 07 December 2012
Wido's Avatar


I just don't get this doom & gloom vibe on how much Nintendo have sold of the Wii U. Not this specific post but mainly other sites via twitter. NPD released yesterday/this morning, that the Wii U did very well at launch. 5k short from the Wii? Not bad in todays economic climate with people saving towards Christmas.

I am very much enjoying the Wii U and I will continue to sing its praises until I hit a blue shell ;)

For those who moan, belittle and bitch on the side. Please try before pre-judging as then you will have a valid opinion that is worth respecting and to reply back. Just don't try and end up with egg on you're face.
Posted 10:21 on 07 December 2012

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