Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Trailers & Videos for PS3

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Freedom Cry Trailer

A new self-contained nine mission story featuring Edward Kenway's first mate, Adewale.

Publish date 16 Dec 2013 at 4:59pm

Multiplayer Features Trailer

Defy the Rules in the enhanced Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Multiplayer and the all new "Game Lab" feature which allows you to create your own multiplayer modes.

Publish date 05 Nov 2013 at 8:55am

Launch Trailer

A pirate's life for you on October 29.

1 Publish date 22 Oct 2013 at 5:00pm

Story Trailer

"Edward. Privateering, is it dangerous?"

2 Publish date 15 Oct 2013 at 9:37am

Freedom Cry DLC Trailer

Set 15 years after the events of Assassin's Creed 4, Freedom Cry rejoins shipmate Adewale as he joins the Assassins.

1 Publish date 09 Oct 2013 at 8:57am

Pirate Heist

See how to be a pirate and sail the sevens seas with Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed IV.

Publish date 30 Sep 2013 at 4:59pm

Multiplayer Trailer

Shoot, stab or hack other assassins to death.

Publish date 20 Sep 2013 at 2:59pm

Next-Gen Trailer

Ubisoft Montreal details the benefits of the PS4 & Xbox One versions of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, including a closer look at the new wave and weather technology.

Publish date 12 Sep 2013 at 5:00pm

Gamescom 10 Minute Gameplay Demo

Harpooning, buccaneering and landlubbing - it's the latest open world gameplay demo of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

Publish date 05 Sep 2013 at 5:04pm

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Release Date: 01/11/2013
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Action
Rating: PEGI 18+
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