Halo 3 screenshot
Halo 3 screenshot

Microsoft may extend its Games With Gold program beyond Xbox One's launch, director of programming Larry Hryb has suggested.

Responding to Reddit users disappointed by yesterday's choice of free game, Hryb explained that he was "sorry about the disappointment.

"Not sure how people started to assume that [Halo 3] and [Assassin's Creed 2] were coming in July. I thought it was pretty clear in the briefing, but I guess not that clear."

But when asked whether the service could be extended beyond November, Hryb replied: "Anything is possible. We'll see how the program goes."

Games With Gold was launched to compete against Sony's PlayStation Plus program. However, the initiative was only due to last until Xbox One's release this November.

Microsoft announced yesterday that Defense Grid: The Awakening would be free to all Xbox LIVE Gold users this month, following last month's free copy of Fable 3.

Source: Reddit

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GunsFoHire's Avatar


Why did we assume that Assassins Creed II and Halo 3 would be the first give-aways? Gee I Don't know Larry Hyrb maybe because they were announced as the first give-aways and then you give us Defense Grid. You need to head over to Zynga with Mattrick there buddy.
Posted 13:38 on 03 July 2013


Having recently acquired both a PSV and PS+, I have not needed to buy a retail game for a month or so. I've had access to 10 games I have never played, all of them a great bargain to behold for £40.

Having access to Fable 3 and Defense Grid is paltry compared. MS needs to catch up.
Posted 20:16 on 02 July 2013
Rayqauzay's Avatar


The free games are pretty meh. The might save me £3-6 if they are even worth downloading.
Posted 17:58 on 02 July 2013

BrySkye@ Neon-Soldier32

MS didn't have timed exclusivity on Skyrim. All the DLC came out on the PC at the same time as Xbox 360.

It was technical problems with the way Skyrim was programmed in relation to the PS3 architecture that caused the huge delays for the Sony console to get the DLC.
I believe it stemmed from the different ways the two consoles managed RAM.
Posted 14:42 on 02 July 2013


If it's anything like it has been so far, don't bother.

MS, you have timed exclusivity on Skyrim (although nothing else's being made for that) and CoD so why don't you give away some exclusive Xbox-only content such as 50% off the upcoming CoD DLC, or some free Halo 4 DLC or hell, Halo 4.

Also, in your sale you're giving away BL2 for cheap, if you gave that away then I'm sure there would be much interest.
Posted 12:05 on 02 July 2013
TenBensons's Avatar


Could Microsoft be any more of a joke right now?

If i said "Im going to give away a free game every month such as halo 3 and battlefield 3" most people would assume that they would be in the first or second month, not to mention how inferior the titles are when compared to PS+ in both the game itself and the real world value.

Once again MS fails to get its message across and they should really be up for nomination at this years comedy awards.
Posted 10:56 on 02 July 2013

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