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Did you see that nature program last night? The one with Michael Shattenborough on the trail of the feared Solid Snake? Or how about that crazy police videos show, where they uncovered the crime-ridden Liberty City? No? Maybe you were watching some old science films about a substance called Nectar?

Fear not, for in the very first episode of The VideoGamer Show, we have collated these gems together for your viewing pleasure! In the coming weeks, you can expect plenty more epic stories, ill-fated dramas, and always the finest gaming reports - finished with a healthy dollop of satire!

So sit back, enjoy the show, and see just why Britain's got talent is going through a rather dry spell.

On Episode One of The VideoGamer Show

Metal Gear Online

Iron Man
UEFA Euro 2008
Mario Kart Wii

Wii Fit

If you haven't already done so click here for The VideoGamer Show: Episode One. Look out for episode two in early June.

Let us know what you think of the show in the comments below.

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User Comments

Karlius's Avatar


My favourite part has to be the mick take of the alteration of ps3 images of GTA4 actaully laughed out loud! Veryfunny keep up the good work!
Posted 23:22 on 26 May 2008
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Clance@ Squire_Simon

Originally Posted by Squire_Simon
Right on Brother

Right back at ya Brother
Posted 01:00 on 24 May 2008
pancakes's Avatar
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truly deeply brilliant. i want more
Posted 18:49 on 23 May 2008
Squire_Simon's Avatar

Squire_Simon@ Clance

Originally Posted by Clance
More gingers on telly!!

Right on Brother
Posted 18:12 on 23 May 2008
MrDo's Avatar


Superb entertainment.
Posted 11:15 on 23 May 2008
Clance's Avatar


Great show, wish there was more like this on TV....

You need to keep it on the main page though, to keep it's profile up and maximise viewers.

It was actually pretty funny and I liked the way it showed the clips it was describing (eg, the MGS salute when you want to stick to the wall).

More gingers on telly!!

Oh, and you should get community members involved in some reviews.... Pretty please? That would be the greatest.
Posted 10:52 on 23 May 2008
Exnor's Avatar


Just to extend Tom's comments a bit, we're also going to be publishing a special page to host the shows, offer a downloadable option and subscription options. If you want to hear when these go online, just register on the site and we'll let you know! Cheers

@extreme_means: we didn't hire anyone new no, all in house! We are currently hiring a Junior videos producer though, check out the vacancy here if interested:
Posted 13:47 on 22 May 2008
extreme_means's Avatar
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yes your right monkey. Get more up to date game news with that format and your onto a sure winner!

did you hire people to help make it btw?
Posted 13:29 on 22 May 2008
TomO's Avatar


Thanks for the feedback LordMonkey (and for posting on MCV too). The comment about dated content is extremely valid and something we're very aware of. We had a few problems getting this show out the door in time, and it's something that should be far better in episode two.
Posted 13:11 on 22 May 2008
LordMonkey's Avatar
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Don't get me wrong, I did like it. I'm just offering some constructive criticism.

I mean, you say you loved it (which is fair enough, it was good), but you'd probably have loved it more and found it more useful if it was relevant. Having reviews of games only just released, or even yet to be released, would make the show so much better, simply because it would be more up to date. And having a Haze preview was, in all honesty, a mistake. They have to think about their lead times related to game release dates and of course how long they plan on the show airing for. Or rather, how long they plan on having the show the 'current' episode. The longer the show is left as the current episode, the more up to date the content needs to be at first airing.
Posted 12:40 on 22 May 2008
extreme_means's Avatar
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to each his own i suppose -

but i personally loved it! and ill be back for more!
Posted 12:31 on 22 May 2008
LordMonkey's Avatar
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It's OK, and not a bad first attempt.

My main gripe is that it's not particularly relevant: for example, leading with a massive (and positive) Haze preview is particularly ill-advised considering the deluge of poor review scores that have just flooded the internet (not to mention VideoGamer's own 6/10 review).

Mario Kart Wii review...

Next time, plan a bit better and try and get reviews of games that have only just come out. So the reviews bit should be the last bit of the show that is put together.

As for previews, stick to previewing games that won't be out by the time your show airs. Seems obvious.

But apart from that, good first attempt. The humour was good, didn't seem forced and didn't make me cringe like so many other similar attempts have done.

Posted 12:14 on 22 May 2008
Terje's Avatar
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Oscar-winning performance, true brilliance.
Posted 07:46 on 22 May 2008
Staale's Avatar
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Two toes up (no arms, no thums)... Keep 'em coming VideoGamer
Posted 07:41 on 22 May 2008
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ashio@ PrivateFreeman

Originally Posted by PrivateFreeman
I Particularly enjoy the way you've managed to make Nick look like quite a yobbo in the freeze frames of the opening credits!

Yeah so true!

Are the titles always staying the same or are you changing the facials every episode?? may be an interesting thing to do....
Posted 16:03 on 21 May 2008

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