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The Sun reports that Angelina Jolie is furious that Transformers star Megan Fox has been tipped to take on the role of Lara Croft in the next Tomb Raider film - said to be an origins story featuring a younger Ms Croft.

An anonymous source told The Sun: "Angie was intent on reprising her role. She feels it's something she helped define and feels robbed that it looks likely to be handed to someone who she considers less capable than her."

"Angie isn't a fan of the Transformers films and believes Megan won't do the Lara Croft character justice," the source added. "She's also annoyed because she thinks Megan copies everything from her, from her tattoos to her style."

According to an insider, Jolie is working on a new project featuring a sexy female action character, which "will absolutely blow Megan out of the water".

Megan or Angie? There's only one way to find out. FIGHT!

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User Comments

guyderman's Avatar


She aint no Jolie or Fox! - and if that's the best pic you could find of her it just proves the truth in my words - LOL!
Posted 16:10 on 26 June 2009
Triggerhappytel's Avatar

Triggerhappytel@ guyderman


Click for Image
Posted 14:50 on 26 June 2009
rbevanx's Avatar


LOL The Sun says this.

Yeah and Eddie Murphy is gonna be the Riddler in Batman 3.
Posted 19:52 on 25 June 2009
Bloodstorm's Avatar


So's Lara!

Posted 14:51 on 25 June 2009
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ CheekyLee

Kate Winslet - only one problem - she's a dog!
Posted 14:41 on 25 June 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ Triggerhappytel

Know who I always thought would do a good job of Lara? Kate Winslett, especially after seeing her throw herself about a sinking ship a la Tomb Raider 2.
Posted 14:01 on 25 June 2009
Triggerhappytel's Avatar


I don't like Megan Fox. Yes, she's extremely sexy, but I just think she seems vapid and about as shallow as a thimble. It would be nice if they could - *gasp* - actually get a British actress to play Lara Croft if they make another movie. (As long as it's not Keira Knightley.)
Posted 13:59 on 25 June 2009
guyderman's Avatar


Megan? Joile? - sod it I'll take both - at the same time!
Posted 13:13 on 25 June 2009
nch2k1's Avatar


Megan any day, providing it involves her wearing yet more hot pants.
Posted 13:01 on 25 June 2009
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Megan Fox wins


Seriously though, if it's meant to be a younger Lara then why is Angie pissed off? She's had her time, let someone else take over.
Posted 12:23 on 25 June 2009

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