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Welcome to a special series of's Top 10, where we bring you the essential genre by genre video game buyer's guide for Christmas and New Year. It'll run every Thursday until the end of the 2007/2008 holiday break, so, whether you're looking for some family video game ideas to get you through those boring Christmas get-togethers or some top sports games to spend that holiday cash on, look no further than In the seventh of the series, we look at the Top 10 Adventure Games. And don't forget, if you need more info on any of these titles, just click on it for a full review.

Please note: This special series of's Top 10 is a buyer's guide, and as such only includes modern titles available for the currently supported platforms. It is not a best of all time list.

10. Fahrenheit, PS2, Xbox and PC.

Sometimes it's good to play something different. Fahrenheit brought a near-dead old-school genre to modern consoles and did so with much success. While it had problems, mainly with its story towards the end, it managed to be entertaining and a mature experience. As I said back in 2005: "The visuals, soundtrack, score, voice acting and the rest all blend together brilliantly, immersing the player into the story better than almost any other game available.

9. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, DS.

We don't object to this DS adventure game being included as it's brilliant. This courtroom-based adventure is full of clever dialogue and plenty of actual laugh out loud humour. "... it's probably fair to say that I haven't enjoyed a game as much as I've enjoyed Phoenix Wright for a very long time - and I'm not even that fond of the adventure genre," said Iain in his wonderfully positive review back in 2006.

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Whoever made this list obviously has no idea what an adventure game is.
Posted 23:57 on 04 January 2010
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Mr. Vorhias

You're kidding me. A lot of the games on here aren't even adventure games.

No Grim Fandango? No Monkey Island games? No Blade Runner?

What is WRONG with you guys?
Posted 23:24 on 06 October 2008

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