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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Review for PS2

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Tiger is back for his 2007 edition of the popular golf franchise.

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Tiger returns, more or less the same as before.
Tiger returns, more or less the same as before.

Tiger returns, more or less the same as before.

Tiger's latest game for all current-gen systems is, as you are probably expecting, remarkably similar to last year's effort. In fact, the developers at EA seem to have got to the stage where they can only make the game feel new, by removing perfectly good game modes and replacing them with new ones - for better or worse. What's more, without new rosters to worry about (a few new players on the tour isn't quite the same as the changes that happen in the English Premier League each season), unless new courses are added, these yearly releases seem more and more pointless; although I'm sure this is a view on which EA differs.

As ever you get to create your ideal golfer (or circus freak), making him or her as close a resemblance to yourself as you feel comfortable with, while obviously trimming off a few pounds and adding a few inches to your height. Once you've tweaked every inch of your appearance, you need to spend your meagre experience points to give your player some basic skills, and then you're ready to take to the Links.

Perhaps EA knows that the Tiger Woods series has been on the end of some criticism in the past over lack of new content, as the developers have seen fit to highlight every new addition to the game. Seven new game modes are on offer this year, the biggest of which being 'Team Tour' which is a direct replacement for last year's 'Rivals' mode. Tiger has assembled a team that's wiping the floor with the competition all over the world, and your goal is to assemble your own team, to eventually take on and beat Tiger's. Thankfully you get to play as each team member, so you don't have to rely on the AI.

You'll need to recruit three players in total, and to do so you need to prove yourself in a number of challenge events. Winning challenges unlocks players, who can then be added to your team. 19 Team Tour challenges are available, and by the end you'll have to be on top form to be in with a chance of winning. The Team Tour will cover most of the game modes Tiger Woods 07 offers, but each mode is also accessible via the main menu, making for a huge selection of single and multiplayer offerings. These include the lengthy PGA Tour mode, skill-based challenges in the Skill Zone, standard stroke and match play, and a couple of new modes ideal for playing with friends.

'The recently released ProStroke Golf demonstrated how a more advanced control system can work on consoles, and playing Tiger Woods 07 does feel like a slight step back.'

Online play is available for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC owners and lets you compete in the modes available in the offline game. It's here where you'll be able to really test out your created character, who hopefully will have earned a few skill upgrades before you venture into the online world. Skill points are awarded during general play, and then can be exchanged for skills in a number of areas key to your player's strength as a golfer.

On consoles swinging a club is as simple as it's ever been, but you get two methods to choose from. The simplest is the standard left stick swing, which handles all hook and slice, as well as power, in the same movement. In this standard swing mode the right stick handles where you strike the ball, allowing you to hit the ball higher or lower than usual. The new Alternative swing moves hook and slice to the right stick, and while this might be preferable for some players, I found the standard set up more than adequate. Extra power can be added to your swing by tapping a button during your back swing, and spin can be added while the ball is in flight, via a similar button tapping method.

On the PC Tiger Woods has always been more of a simulation than its console brothers, and this year is no different. The mouse-driven swing mechanic allows for greater control and the game as a whole is far less forgiving. Game modes are largely very similar, with the focus being the new Team Tour, but a big emphasis is also placed on the PGA Tour mode, which is slicker than that found in the console versions.

21 Courses is a nice selection, but most have been seen before.

21 Courses is a nice selection, but most have been seen before.

The recently released ProStroke Golf demonstrated how a more advanced control system can work on consoles, and playing Tiger Woods 07 does feel like a slight step back. At the same time, the controls have a simplicity to them that makes the game easy to play, and there is level of depth to the control and shot choice for the more serious players. What Tiger lacks in precision control, however, it more than makes up for in presentation.

Tiger Woods 07 is as slick as ever, and while the engine is looking a little rougher than it did a few years back, it's still a solid looking game. Licensed real world Tour players look great and the 21 courses (12 in the PC version) are all modelled excellently, but colours are a little pale, giving the game a slightly washed out look. The usual fancy effects for certain shots and situations return, although the majority of these can be disabled from the options menu. On the PC the visuals are head and shoulders above those in the console games, and the courses are significantly more complex. Colours are richer, textures are more detailed, and lighting is far superior, making for a game that resembles EA's next-gen offering. A solid selection of EA Trax and some perfectly adequate in-game audio and commentary round off a well put together package.

There's no getting around the fact that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 is more than slightly similar to last year's game, and the game before that, with a handful of new modes and courses. At the same time, though, it's a great package. Newcomers to the series will find a great deal to play through, but if you own last year's game, think carefully about what you expect to find in the new game before laying down the cash.

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Petey's Avatar
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I got 07 on ps2 and my power boost works fine you guiys just don't know how to play the damn game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 13:31 on 06 February 2009
z's Avatar
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what happened to the regular tour mode? i cant figure this one out i hate the team tour with all the retarded game modes i just wanna play regular golf like the older versions
Posted 06:11 on 01 January 2009
Dsaj's Avatar
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Tiger Woods 2003 on Xbox was simple but had all it needed for reasable golf game.
Posted 05:34 on 24 July 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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so the power boost really doesn't work, but if you build up enough attributes you can still birdie and eagle every hole except on fantasy courses. what really gets me is you can never "win" tournaments because of a glitch that makes you tie all the time. therefore you can never win the fedex cup. it's fun, but there's no feeling of accomplishment.
Posted 14:52 on 29 April 2008
anonymous's Avatar
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i agree with the fact that the power boost doesnt work i bought the game used and i played for 2 hours and took it back in for trade in credit. such a crap game.
Posted 03:37 on 09 April 2008
Anth's Avatar
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does any 1 no how to power shots on this game
Posted 11:30 on 15 March 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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wow i guess im glad ive never played any of the other games cuz i guess i would hate this one if i did. i really enjoy it a lot!!! its soo fun for me lol but i guess 99% of ya'll disagree with me.
only problem i have with it is the power boost is a lie!!!! it does absolutely NOTHING. there is zero difference between a swing with it and one without it. kinda lame. some ppl say theirs works a little bit but mine has never worked.
Posted 22:29 on 17 February 2008
David's Avatar
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I agree with the frustration everyone seems to have with the power boost. It works for the first few holes but then all of a sudden, it goes out and doesn't come back. However, that I can deal with. What upsets me more than anything is the complete failure of the putting system. You absolutely can NOT ever rely on your caddy tips unless you happen to be inside of a foot. The only thing I could come up with is that it's EA's way of getting you to use the other putting style, but even that is almost impossible. I'm not expecting an eagle or birdie on every hole, that would be no fun either. But for God's sake if you're gonna make the game a challenge, do it by toughening up the courses and competition, not by incorporating glitches and bugs that are only going to piss people off.
Posted 01:59 on 11 August 2007
Anonymous's Avatar
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I can't believe how frustrated I am with this game. I still play 05 and love it, but this is such a disappointment. I have a ton of putting skills, but I am still having a ton of problems. I finally gave up and I didn't even finish my first tournament!
Posted 22:39 on 31 January 2007
djshakin's Avatar
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Been a fan of the game since it came out and own all of them, very disappointed with 07- I like the fact that it is harder but because of the glitches, the game seems meaningless when certain controls don't work such as powerboost- Grade of failure for ea sports
Posted 20:41 on 19 January 2007
damaster's Avatar
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I have owned every tiger game since 2001. This game would be fine IF EA would fix the ****ing power boost to work for more than two holes into the round. This fact alone makes this game totally wothless. The rest of the flaws and glitches in this game are annoying, but no power boost is a show stopper. Please whoever reads this, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!
Posted 22:35 on 17 January 2007
CaptMorgan's Avatar
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I Own The 2004- and 2006, played the 05, and all together its a Rip-Off, even if you play the Standard version or the New. the Graphic are not as good as the others and you dont have the felling that you are comfortably there like the others its more Bulky, The Display of opption fell more in the way, unlike the earlyer version. Frankly a felt more like i was using gardening tools when I was hiting the Ball then the Smooth and Slik motion of TIGER 2004, I hope they have Some Surprise for the version for ps3 cause it dont look good for the Franchise....Anyway I still like My 2004 Better!!!!
Posted 23:19 on 11 January 2007
bacup's Avatar
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so just because you cant birdie every hole its sh*t ???
Posted 10:21 on 09 January 2007
Anonymous's Avatar
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Anonymous@ vandy

07 is retardedly stupid. If ea was smart then when 08 comes out it will have the exact same controls as 04. In 04 I get eagle and birdie very frequently. In 07 by the 9th hole I was 12 strokes over because putting us damn near impossible and if you want to drive the ball in a straight line you should go back to playing 04. Never thought I'd say it bout a tiger woods game but this one sucks immense balls. Save money and do not buy. Don't even rent
Posted 04:16 on 03 January 2007
Joey's Avatar
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Joey@ vandy

Yeah, the game is alright. I'm a die-hard fan that could shoot in the mid-40s when the game didn't have all the glitches. I used to hit the ball 360-390 with the powerboost but now it doesn't work as what it did in previous games. I also was able to completely determine where my ball would land when it hit the green, but, as what was said before, the game has many glitches. I you want to buy the game, go for it. In my opinion,though, you should get the older games (particularly 04 and 05) to really the beauty of what used to be a true Tiger Woods PGA Tour game. Please be better next year EA, for all of us (it's hard enough to feel cheated on the course, but on a video game?).
Posted 18:07 on 31 December 2006

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