Tekken 5 screenshot
Tekken 5 screenshot

It's been revealed that Luke Goss (Blade 2, Hellboy 2) is to star in the upcoming Tekken movie. Goss will play the part of Steve Fox, a British boxer first introduced to the Tekken series in Tekken 4. He is the son of Nina Williams and is the only character in the game not to use any kick attacks.

The live action Tekken movie is pencilled in for release in 2009 and current plot details indicate that a young man will discover he holds a great power and must battle a team of elite fighters who are desperate to get this power from him.

We're not too hopeful that the film will end up being anything more than watchable, with director Dwight Little previously having worked on films including free Willy 2, Anacondas, Murder at 1600 and Marked for Death. More recently he's directed episodes of 24, Bones and Prison Break.

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Shiny_Dragon's Avatar

Shiny_Dragon@ Bloodstorm

Hmmm...hellboy 2 and blade 2 eh? Neither of which were classics to be honest! Yawn...another 'straight-to-dvd-bargain-bin' film in the making then!
Posted 13:08 on 12 February 2008
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Singed on?

Who was he in Blade? Personally, i want this canned.
Posted 00:21 on 12 February 2008
FantasyMeister's Avatar


It would only be as bad as Streetfighter if Uwe Boll got it, which thankfully he didn't. I think it'll be more along the lines of a Dead or Alive clone, maybe with less bikinis.

Best game to movie conversion so far is still Tomb Raider in my book, but then I'm a big Jolie fan.
Posted 20:17 on 11 February 2008
wyp100's Avatar


Streetfighter movie anyone?
Posted 18:19 on 11 February 2008

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