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Tekken 5

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Our Verdict: If you've never played Tekken before, or never played a beat-em-up before, you'll love Tekken's instant gratification and spectacular ease with which combos can light up the arena.

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Ong Bak director working on new Tekken movie

Looking to cast actors who resemble the game characters.

2 Publish date May 18 2012

Star of Hellboy 2 and Blade 2 nets role in Tekken movie

Singed on to play Steve Fox in the live action video game adaptation.

4 Publish date Feb 11 2008

Tekken movie poster spotted

Screen Gems' adaptation of Namco's Tekken video game series edges closer to release.

4 Publish date Nov 1 2007

Tekken to beat Virtua Fighter to the PS3 punch?

Downloadable game could launch ahead of rival in the US this month.

Publish date Feb 7 2007

1080p Tekken 5 coming to PS3

Namco Bandai is planning to release a downloadable version of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection for the PS3 - in 1080p too.

3 Publish date Dec 7 2006

Tekken 6 confirmed for PlayStation 3

The latest edition of Famitsu magazine has confirmed that Tekken 6 is in development for the PlayStation 3.

1 Publish date Apr 27 2006

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how do you use devil mode in the devil within mini game?


Game Stats

Release Date: 24/06/2005
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Genre: Beat 'em Up
No. Players: 1-2
Rating: PEGI 12+
Site Rank: 1,446 65
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