Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Articles for PS2

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Future Star Wars video games will be canon says Lucasfilm

All existing games definitely not canon.

2 Publish date Apr 28

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II revealed

The epic story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice continues in 2010.

7 Publish date Dec 14 2009

SW: The Force Unleashed sells 5.7 million units

Becomes the fastest-selling Star Wars game in history.

5 Publish date Feb 11 2009

Madden 09 the best-selling title worldwide in Q3 2008

EA's American Football title shifts almost 3 million units and it's only popular in the US.

Publish date Nov 11 2008

PC piracy is a 'huge concern' warns Red Alert 3 dev

'If gamers have a reason to buy a game, they'll buy it', says producer.

18 Publish date Nov 5 2008

LucasArts slammed for no PC Force Unleashed

PCGA boss calls scalability issue excuse an 'uneducated answer'.

19 Publish date Oct 18 2008

PCGA: Publishers have themselves to blame for piracy

PC Gaming Alliance boss says there will always be people who will pirate.

7 Publish date Oct 18 2008

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 09 sets series record

Is the biggest ever launch of a FIFA game, outselling FIFA 08 by 37.5%.

Publish date Oct 7 2008

Force Unleashed to become best-selling Star Wars game

Has already sold a whopping 1.5 million copies.

Publish date Sep 24 2008

UK Video Game Chart: The force is strong in this one

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has the biggest all-formats launch since Grand Theft Auto IV.

1 Publish date Sep 23 2008

Force Unleashed dev reacts to PC gamer outcry

Says no PC version of upcoming Star Wars game was a 'difficult decision'. 'Understands PC gamer concerns'.

36 Publish date Sep 12 2008

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Developer: Krome Studios
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