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Sonic Unleashed screenshot
Sonic Unleashed screenshot

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine (full interview to appear in the next issue which hits stores on Friday), Sonic Team's Yoshihisa Hashimoto has revealed that gamers should expect Unleashed to feel more like a third game in the Sonic Adventure series than a follow-up to either the previous Xbox 360 and PS3 Sonic title or Sonic and the Secret Rings.

"As a development team, we originally started off this project planning to create Sonic Adventure 3", Hashimoto told the magazine. "In our minds, this game will have more in common with the older Sonic Adventure series. It has no relation to Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic and the Secret Rings".

Sonic Unleashed is in development for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS2.

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jchander's Avatar


Sonic Unleashed was okay overall I guess, or maybe less than.... - It needed better replay value also. But it was nothing like the Sonic Adventure series at all. In fact, I heard recently, that they (Sega) are planning on creating a real SA3. Sonic Unleashed day stages were good, and fun though, but voerall the game isn't much. It's not like the sonic adventure series gameplay wise, and it just falls short. They need to make better games, and get it right for once!!I guess the game compares plot-wise to SA1, but it's jsut a bad copy [And maybe SA2]. Sonic Unleashed was okay I guess overall, but it's definitely not the best, and definitely not to be SA3. Sonic Adventure games are the best!! :D ;;
Posted 05:35 on 19 November 2011
supersonic523's Avatar


im gonna be mad if chao is over :(
Posted 18:14 on 09 August 2009
kinggir's Avatar


sonic unleashed wasnt supposed to be sonic adventure 3. they where going to call it sonic world adventure, but they were afraid people would mistake it as SA3. but its still called sonic world adventure in japan
Posted 18:16 on 18 April 2009
Takumi's Avatar
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You Know Sega really just throw out all of the great gameplay from Sonic Adventure DX , And Sonic Adventure Battle 2 (The One Were They First introduce Shadow). The best thing that made Sonic Adventrue DX , And Sonic Adventure Battle 2 so great was that the gameplay was really exciting and we were able to take care of our own chao might i say that its was really exciting to have sonic back but with the game sonic unleased its just dosen't bring back the good old sonic. I mean look it seems fun fighting other foe's other then Eggman but its just the way it's post to be when it comes to sonic.Will Sega Bring Back The Sonic We Loved?
Posted 04:34 on 06 January 2009
Invertedzero's Avatar
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Secret Rings was far off the mark in my opinion. I wasn't expecting much from this game, but from watching a few gameplay videos it really seems as though sega have got back on track with the overall style, feel and gameplay of the game. There are bits to be improved and it does look as though it is a little easy/autoplay, but finally sega are starting to take note and take a step back. Heroes was a failed Sonic Adventure 3... this is the true Sonic Adventure 3, but called Unleashed so they can create a series of Sequels.. Unleashed 2, 3, 4? I would howver still like to see them go back to designing aesthetically creative levels that are 'out of the human world' like the original sonic games, designs that make the sonic universe distinct. But anyway, finally a significant step in the right direction sega, well done!
Posted 17:14 on 20 November 2008
Woffls's Avatar


Sonic Adventure was the last great console outing for Sonic. SA2 was ok, and since then only Secret Rings (Why oh why didn't they just call if Wildfire) has been worthy of mention. The sole fact that this was once Sonic Adventure 3 is promising, the trailer even moreso. I really think this could be the Sonic people have been waiting for, if not, at least they're putting thought into it as opposed to random characters.
Posted 09:59 on 21 April 2008
videogamergal's Avatar
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I didn't even know that tere was a Sonic Adventure 3 until today
that's kind of cool
Posted 19:45 on 20 April 2008
sonic_xtreme's Avatar


i liked sonic a1&2
Posted 14:34 on 19 April 2008

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