Project Zero 3: The Tormented

Project Zero 3: The Tormented Cheats for PS2

On: PS2Xbox

Project Zero 3 immerses the player in the tormented life of Rei Kurosawa, a cursed young woman tortured by guilt and plagued by dreams that blur the lines between reality and nightmares.

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7Out of 10
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FAQ/Walkthrough v2.0.

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Puzzle FAQ v1.0.

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FAQ/Walkthrough v1.7.

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skullofdeath's Avatar
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got the game two weeks ago,stuck!!!i mean,a CAMARA!woppy, whats that gonna do for the ghosts?! All you get is 500 pts for taking a picture of a ghost,stupid chinese game..... TO HARD!!!
Posted 20:04 on 06 March 2009
Sarah's Avatar
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I just bought the game and omg, you have a ghost trying to kill you?! T_T
I don't have weapons , or anything.. just a silly camera, that doesn't do anything to the ghosts, or does the cam, kill them if u take pic of them?
Gosh help T_T my email;
Posted 03:37 on 26 November 2008
Daymix's Avatar
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Im 14 years old and I had come to the Last pinwheel and open the door. But im cannot find the other's candle.I found one where in miyo room... by the way i did found the first candle nearby the roof...
Posted 12:41 on 21 July 2008
lee clarke's Avatar
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lee clarke

were can i get cheats for project zero 1,2 and 3
Posted 19:42 on 08 July 2008
Confused's Avatar
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I just started the game, n Kei walked just into that manor, but I walk in circles, take pictures, but can not get passed the beginning part. What am I missing??
Posted 14:47 on 15 June 2008
chrimsom_butterfly's Avatar


hey if anyone has trouble wiith project zero 3 send me a messege i might be able to help ive finished the game a few times send me a messege an ill help
Posted 02:48 on 01 June 2008
jess's Avatar
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Plz help were du i find keis camra to kill the ghosts =[
Posted 17:21 on 21 April 2008
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TRACY WELCH@ james kavanagh

Posted 22:17 on 28 May 2006
james kavanagh's Avatar
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james kavanagh

need to get cheats for project zero 3 on ps2
Posted 18:33 on 01 May 2006

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