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PES 2013 will release in October, according to a new advert for a Konami distributor.

The date was printed in Intent Media's Sourcebook alongside a February 2013 date for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

A release date for PES 2013 has never been confirmed by Konami beyond 'Autumn 2012'.

The October date puts PES on the back foot to football rival FIFA.

FIFA 13 is due to release across Europe on September 28, 2012.

A demo for PES 2013 released on Xbox Live Marketplace and PC yesterday. The demo offers players the chance to play as England, Germany, Italy and Portugal months before the game goes on sale.

Earlier this week, Konami announced that it would be opening a new PES Productions studio in London to help "reproduce European football culture at its best in their games."

The team will be developing "PES projects targeting high-end game consoles and PCs" alongside the Japanese studio.

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User Comments

modejameel's Avatar


Fifa - Menu 3/10, Controls 6/10, Visual Appearance 5/10, Gameplay 6/10, Speed 9/10, Commentary 9/10 : overall 38/60

PES - Menu 9/10, Controls 8/10,Visual Appearance 9/10, Gameplay 10/10, Speed 7/10, Commentary 6/10: overall. 49/60
Posted 06:22 on 22 August 2012
modejameel's Avatar


FIFA - 64 %

PES - 82 %
Posted 06:20 on 22 August 2012
shoota1989's Avatar


PES sucks!!!
Posted 05:02 on 30 July 2012
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ dav2612

I played the demo last night and I thought it had more fluidity than compared to previous PES games. Defending goes straight into juggling mode, which they clearly took from FIFA, yet made it instant than using the LT for FIFA 12 to perform it.

Passing seem good and the positions of players i.e. AI intelligence, was pretty spot on. I can see FIFA winning again, and they will for some considerable time in that debate, but the demo was fun. I am tempted with this years PES to get it on console. I have PES 2012 on 3DS, and that plays what I expect for a handheld point of view and the game of choice for football on a handheld, especially 3DS area.
Posted 19:29 on 26 July 2012
dav2612's Avatar


I played the demo of this one last night. Lacks the visual appeal of FIFA, the players run a little strangely but I actually think I prefer the way it plays which surprised me.
Posted 13:18 on 26 July 2012
TheHindude's Avatar


This October release window is getting pretty frantic. I'm excited about all the great releases that are coming up, but my bank account is going to take a hammering!
Posted 12:10 on 26 July 2012

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