Pac-Man World 3

Pac-Man World 3 Cheats for PS2


Pac-Man must save the world from Erwin, an evil genius intent on destroying the world.

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Level select:
Quickly press Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Up at the main menu to unlock all levels and 3D maze mini-games.

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marky1066's Avatar

marky1066@ Laura

Hi Laura. When you become Pinky collect the red dots then go on to each platform and press Y.
Posted 11:06 on 25 April 2009
tee hee's Avatar
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tee hee

ok, so it seems like everyone here is stuck on ancient catacombs. so am i. i come in, and i see pinky. people say to solidify the platform and the tower on the right
, put the bridge down, then solidify the platform and the tower on the left. BUT PINKY ONLY HAS 3 "CHARGES" HELP!
Posted 21:48 on 07 February 2009
Anneli79's Avatar
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LIZ.....Help im stuck on the first level 2...... how did u get anywhere...... please help me...the ds pac man world 3. up by that hand thingy but then what????? HELP???????!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 12:48 on 14 November 2008
pigface's Avatar
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Okay, I am stuck on the stupid place in Erwin's fortress where you have to jump onto the blue bar, too.

Anyone tell me how to get up on the grey platform?
Posted 04:41 on 23 July 2008
joeglow's Avatar


People's advice of the anciet catacombs BLOWS. There are three charges for pinky. I charge all three and soldify the two platforms on the right (starting with the big ass one first). Then, I go up to the top and hit the butt bounce thing to lower the bridge. After dropping down to the bottom, I call pinky again. The problem is that I only had 1 "charge" left. Where do I get a 4th charge. Obviously, this would cause the first one to disappear and all would be well. However, I have friggin clue where it is. Thanks for the help!
Posted 03:28 on 22 April 2008
Nick's Avatar
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I'm also stuck at the end of the catacombs level where you have to rev roll up the steep hills. Can anyone help please?
Posted 11:14 on 06 April 2008
max's Avatar
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goekka heights
I am stuck in the first part of goekka heights
Posted 15:36 on 13 February 2008
aradia_dragonwolf's Avatar


I am stuck in the ancient catacombs please help I am at the part where you awaken pinky to solidify the thrones and platforms but how do you get the other door unblocked????? help me please!!!! I am desperate.
Posted 22:07 on 06 January 2008
aradia_dragonwolf's Avatar


Penney what is the easiest way to beat erwin in his ship I know butt bouncing destroys parts of the ship but what else has to be done to get rid of the robots and destroy his ship to get past that level?
Posted 04:15 on 06 January 2008
aradia_dragonwolf's Avatar

aradia_dragonwolf@ Shel

I have found that if you take out the main shield then butt bounce on the four sections of his ship it takes down the bar at the top of the screen as I go through this level I will let you know more on how to get through it.

Originally Posted by Shel
hi i dunno if iv past the ancient catacombs but im sure i havent. i really need help on this level its at the end where you have got to destroy erwin in his space ship sort of thing. you are in a big circle and have to spin on 3 rev roll spinner plates that activate an electric shock to erwin but i keep doing this and it doesnt seem to work. you also have 2 chrome pellets and 2 electro shock pellets can anyone tell me what i have to do with these as you have not got much time to perform any tricks on him?
plz reply soon and i will be glad to help you with any of your problems x
Posted 04:11 on 06 January 2008
blupaw01's Avatar

blupaw01@ blupaw01

im stuck again, sorry

its where you get the blue key go onto the bridge and the gate closes behind you, you walk across to the other side of the bridge,and how do you get the other side of the bridge where the other gate is closed

help would be helpfull:bored:
Posted 21:09 on 19 November 2007
blupaw01's Avatar

blupaw01@ 6901

Originally Posted by 6901
hey does any one know how to get out of the room in the ancient catacombs(i think its that level) where u have to be pinky to solidify the platforms and the get up on to the bridge thing by doing the wall jump but then wot do u do
if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated

YA!im stuck there too! it is where your standing on that concrete thingy on the wooden bridge, and you look across and see that the exit arch is blocked? well is so i mstuck ther 2, so ANYONE PLEASE HELP US! IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPREACIATED!! (I think thats how u spell it):glare:
Posted 03:35 on 13 November 2007
blupaw01's Avatar


i am stuck on ancient catacombs!
its where you are in that room and you have to activate pinky and solidify the throne thingy, and i go up ontop of the woden bridge and stand on that congcrete thing and i dont know what to do! then i go over to the other side andthe door arch is blocked by rocks! and i grab on to the yellow crystal abd all it does it take me back to the place istarted!

any help?
Posted 03:22 on 13 November 2007
takeuwithme's Avatar

takeuwithme@ penney


I could use your help now.

I'm in Level 12 I think, Erwin's Fortress.. I cannot figure out how to get on the blue light bar to go on the gray ledge where the black and green blade thing is. I tried to side jump up two walls (pink I think) but I can't get anywhere there either. Please help.... Thanks
Posted 16:44 on 28 July 2007
takeuwithme's Avatar

takeuwithme@ takeuwithme

Nevermind- I figured it out.

Penney- I need help at the end of Ancient Catacombs, after you kill the ghosts.. you have to rev roll onto all of these steep hills, and then I can't get to the door on the top right corner... Help please.[/quote]
Posted 17:54 on 24 July 2007

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